Did she try to trap me or was she in the moment?

2022.01.26 01:22 average2success Did she try to trap me or was she in the moment?

I have been seeing this girl for a month, I was having sex with her a few days ago and we were in missionary position, and eventually I was close to finishing, I asked her if I could finish inside her and she says these exact words, "Yes daddy I want your baby!” She then hugs me harder, My heart dropped like the titanic and I pulled out at the last second. I asked if she was really on the pill, and she said she thinks she is on it, we argue and she eventually apologizes saying she was "in the moment”.
I am attracted to her but this moment made me think twice about her, what do you guys think? Was it a trap or in the moment?
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2022.01.26 01:22 LegitReverend Beginner Traditional Recipe - Tannins?

I'm picking up supplies for my first batch. Ordered several different honeys and will be following the beginner traditional recipe for each (orange blossom, cranberry, knotweed). Would adding tannins to this recipe be an improvement (subjective, I know)? I guess I'm wondering if it was left off because it's a traditional or if it's because it's a beginners recipe. Thanks all!
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2022.01.26 01:22 lucilm I don't think i'll ever be able to get into a relationship ever again.

5 years ago i broke up with an ex gf who was really abusive with me. She was actually a pedophile, i was underage, she was 25 at that time.
I spent all those years being a "shut-in". I almost don't leave my room, i don't have many friends and i don't see them too often. I also don't have a job or anything like that. I just stay in my room, alone and... do my stuff.
I feel like i never got to grow up. I have a lot of traumas and problems, i don't know how to talk to people anymore and i hate myself, i feel like i'm not worthy of anything and like i would be better dead.
After this long period of me being completely apathetic to people in general, i've finally found someone i love again. But i think i don't know how to love someone anymore. I think i forgot how to express feelings and receive it too, and my last memory of what "love" is or what "expressing feelings" is, is this past abusive relationship, which never left my head after all these years.
I've been struggling a lot to get a relationship going and when i think everything is going fine, my head starts to get intrusive thoughts of how i don't deserve that, how i'm gonna fuck everything up being too insecure, how i'm becoming too dependant of that one person cause it's the only one i loved in a long time. I'm soo afraid of being the toxic one in the relationship this time, toxic cause i need too much attention, toxic cause my mind is so fucked up and i'm broken and maybe i need something that no one could give to me. I would never forgive me if i was toxic like that one person was to me. So my mind is always telling me that maybe the best thing to do it's to give up. The person i love deserves someone better, someone who's not broken. And i should just accept the fact that i'm too broken to ever have a relationship ever again, i should just accept my loneliness, come back to my room and spend 5 more years alone in my room.
I don't expect anyone here to be able to help me. I just needed to talk about that, i need to get all these bad thoughts out of my head for at least a few minutes. But i'm alone. I don't have anyone to talk to. So here i am.
TLDR: i'm broken because of a past abusive relationship and now i think i don't deserve being with another person and that they deserve someone better than me.
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2022.01.26 01:22 Realfirstpaige Feet & booty ? 😋

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2022.01.26 01:22 R00ster_Cogburn Uniform to SaaS?

Hey guys,
I'm 35 with 10+ years of sales experience. Been at a big uniform company for 2 years now, going really well. Steady promotions, decent money, etc. I'm at a bit of a crossroads and wanted some input:
A local SaaS company is looking for a head of sales. Long story short, they're in the email marketing solutions space have been around for 20 years; did 1 mil last year, pacing for 2 mil revenue this year. The owner has handled all the sales, and he admitted he pretty much sucks at it. He's looking to grow rapidly, and once they hit the 5 mil mark either sell or keep pushing depending how things go.
Here are the numbers:
70k base (mid-sized city in Southeast) 140k ote (first year) Equity in company (don't know percentage yet)
I'm currently making 45k base plus a 10k car package (they pay for my car, gas, and insurance) This past year I ended at 95k before car package (1st full year in territory)
Where I'm getting hung up:
About to be promoted again and get a 60k base Will be able to close bigger deals than I have been(more commission/bonus obviously) Am on track to become sales manager in 18-24 months It's a large company with long-term stability
I really don't like what I sell, mostly due to the service issues that come on the back end. I'm not crazy about the hyper salesy culture. I can grin and bear it, but it definitely gets worse the higher you climb.
All that to say: I'm feeling like on one hand it'd be stupid to leave, but on the other it legitimately sounds exciting. I've built out a small business sales process/business plan before, and it was awesome (just wasn't compensated well there). I really don't want to screw up here, I'm good right now and have a path forward. But man, I sometimes get freaked out thinking about working at my current company for the rest of my career.
What are some of your thoughts/experiences?
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2022.01.26 01:22 pecuchet 'Let's Go Biden' t-shirts will be available from www.sandonbranderson.com from now on.

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2022.01.26 01:22 jontirictor Choosing schools, tours etc

My nex left me about 9 months ago. We have two beautiful girls (4 & 2) together.

Just this week my nex walked past a kindergarten close to her house and ended up sending me a long pitch on why we should pull our daughter out of the kindy our eldest is currently enrolled in and enrolled her in this new one. She argued it was better for our daughters education, would prepare her for school next year (as if her current kindy couldn't..) and requested that I join her on a tour. I told her I would look at the website and get back to her, then sent her a polite message outlining all the reasons why this was a terrible idea. As you'd expect I received the typical response letting me know how "selfish" I am, that I'm "not interested in putting their needs first" and that I don't "prioritise my Childs education".

I expected this response, so was pretty unfazed and she seems to have stopped once she realised that I was done engaging with her on this. It got me thinking though, this year we will have to make a decision on what school to enrol our eldest in next year. How have you guys navigated this with your ex's? She will no doubt ask me to attend school tours with her and is always very opinionated on decision making around the kids, not because she cares, but because she likes being seen as the responsible parent who makes all the decisions around the kids. While we were married I generally just allowed here to make decisions like this to avoid the stress, but since separating she uses the fact that she did some of these things as ammunition/evidence for her being the better parent.

As I'm sure you can relate, to my nex, disagreeing with her is the equivalent of blocking the conversation. She's not interested in discussing anything ever, she really just wants me to submit or agree with her.
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2022.01.26 01:22 ConflictedRights thanks i hate whatever this is.

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2022.01.26 01:22 EnergyAffectionate48 LM vs Hashira

I was thinking if all the lowermoon including the drum guy were working together on bringing down a hashira, could they beat a hashira like shinobu? We never saw the other lowermoons blood demon art but rui and emma blood demon art is pretty good. What do you guys think?
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2022.01.26 01:22 Protokush My mom Got a new budgie today, and my little brother sent me these pics of her saying “she’s oddly friendly”

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2022.01.26 01:22 haybuddyy Does anyone have this bag? It’s my grail item and I’ve been looking for it so long. :(

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2022.01.26 01:22 SituationSix Started Tretinoin in October, now I cannot wear contacts

I was put on Tretinoin in October, first starting at once a week until December when I switched to twice a week. I mostly work from home and wear glasses, but I like to wear my contacts when I go out.
Near the end of December I had noticed that my eyes started to hurt daily. I have never had dry eyes in my life and thought it may be from my increased hours on the computer working. I tried every eyedrop my optometrist recommended, but I couldn't find any relief. My contacts started to be very dry, and I couldn't wear them for more than 2 hours without my eyes becoming completely red. While looking at tretinoin side effects today I realized my cream may be causing my dry eye.
Has anyone experienced this or had their eyes return to normal after discontinuing tret? I'm putting in a call to my derm tomorrow .
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2022.01.26 01:22 fighting_folksinger This Is My Go To Movie For That "Being High On Acid" Feeling.

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2022.01.26 01:22 Mount_Cardy-Rona I heard there’s a battle going on here, whoever pays the highest I’ll fight for you

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2022.01.26 01:22 dirrtyremixes Instrumentals [25-Jan-2022]

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2022.01.26 01:22 camps42 Does anyone know of a camcorder that will record continuously?

I currently have some JVC Everio camcorders, and they all will only record to 12 hours, and then stop, regardless of whether the memory card is full. We use the cameras for temporary surveillance that will last usually up to 24 hours. Does anyone have experience with camcorders that will record that long without stopping and left unattended?
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2022.01.26 01:22 Exodus-1 Why doesn't shturman have a unique voiceline?

Doesn't make sense to me why he has a generic scav voice line? Why do gluhkar , sanitar and reshala very recognizable voicelines, killa and shturman were just left behind it seems ?
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2022.01.26 01:22 Luxeru Let's face it, they are never going to get any treasure until the 7th person dies. Maybe they should offer up a sacrifice. But who?...

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2022.01.26 01:22 SleepyDr4gon Free and Mysterious Google Home Device?

New to this sub! A few months ago I got a random google home device (the cylinder with the slanted top and the speaker on bottom) in the mail. It has my full name, my address on it, my specific apartment number, and my cell phone number. I never ordered one, I just recently moved in to my apartment, and I can count the amount of people that know my address on one hand, and it wasn't from anyone I know. It was an official google home box, sealed, and it came with a keychain that said Google Fiber on it. I called google fiber and it wasn't from them. I called google and they didn't help at all (they told me to contact the FBI if my identity was stolen. It wasn't stolen, I just want to know who sent me this!) There was another phone number on the shipping label (next to the return address that was just a Google warehouse, I believe), a California number. I called the number (she didn't answer) and looked up the Facebook associated with it, and it seemed to just be a random woman. I don't even know anyone in California. Who sent this to me?? Has anyone dealt with this before?
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2022.01.26 01:22 Erica_Decandido14 MICROPETS - THE CUTEST NFT ON BSC!

If you are looking for a solid project with strong fundamentals you should definitely take a look at MICROPETS. It is on the BSC network but definitely fits what youre looking for.
It's only 3 months old, the team has KYC'd with pinksale.
These are the reasons why I think Micropets would be a good fit for you:

check out Micropets!
Website: https://micropets.io Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/micropetsbsc/ Telegram: https://t.me/micropets
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2022.01.26 01:22 Delicious-Peak2713 Sailor’s product line of rice cookers

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2022.01.26 01:22 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Loyola holds Southern Illinois to 17 1st-half points in a 59-47 win that improves the Ramblers to 15-3 | Chicago Tribune

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2022.01.26 01:22 feedimo Emily the Criminal review – Aubrey Plaza charges taut thriller

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2022.01.26 01:22 HopefulCloud56 Ughh I’m already at 10 gems I don’t want to waste if it’s nothing serious.

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2022.01.26 01:22 lonewalker FMT: It’s final, Assumption school to close in March

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