25 MILLION PEOPLE: Biden Admin Officials Pledge To Tackle Global Human Trafficking | The Hill

2022.01.26 01:22 All-Seeing-Bot 25 MILLION PEOPLE: Biden Admin Officials Pledge To Tackle Global Human Trafficking | The Hill

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2022.01.26 01:22 OKBOISSTS Has anyone thought of a Klombo skin, or back bling?

Like some different versions of klombo in a small picnic basket filled with Klomberries.
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2022.01.26 01:22 mohammednabarawy أفضل مواقع الترجمة من الإنجليزية إلى العربية - 5 مواقع ترجمة نصية غير الترجمة من Google

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2022.01.26 01:22 feedimo Taming the Garden review – fascinating study of a billionaire’s destructive folly

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2022.01.26 01:22 throwaway82779 Suicidal thoughts and feelings coming back up lately

sorry my grammar for this post is probably gonna be shit because this is all coming straight from my heart and I just wanna get this off my chest. This whole year starting since last christmas has been a living hell and nightmare for me, I relapsed on christmas eve for the hell of it cause me and my girlfriend just wanted to have a fun night while my parents were out of town and I recently got a really good paying job. I fucking regret it so much, I blacked out and didn’t have any recollection of the night the only part i remembered was my mom calling me on the phone asking why the police is at the door I didnt know what the fuck happened just to leave my bedroom to my girlfriend locked in the bathroom next thing I know im under arrest. from what happened from what my girlfriend told my mother we got in an argument and she pulled on my hair and in return i scratched her severely which I assume was because I didnt wanna punch her and I never once ever ever layed a finger on her. The neighbors called the cops. I was in jail on Christmas causing my parents to come back to the country earlier then expected, jail was a living hell it was my first time and the whole time I was in there i was anxious as hell wondering if I actually did put my hands on her and if she still loved me or not. I love this woman with my whole heart, she made me a better person and helped me grow and mature very very much. She had a tough upbringing growing up causing her to be homeless most of her life growing up, all i want in life is to provide a stable foundation and place she can call home for once. I recently started working and saving up money just so we could move out of my parents house around fall this year. I know its dumb to base your whole life and future around somebody but this woman is literally wife material, strong and so god damn beautiful i never felt a stronger connection like this ever before. When I got out of jail I had a no contact order so I had to tell my parents that immediately and she had to leave. She was so heart broken to hear that cause she just wanted to work this out. Im not a monster, im not an evil person id never ever lay a fucking finger on her. the fact that i did that shit when i was off xanax and had no recollection at all its like a fucking demon possessed me. Shes been staying at her cousins house but she fucking hates and dreads being there she just wants to come home, but the fucking city wont drop this no contact order. they dont understand our situation let alone HER situation, she has no source of income or ANY family. She cant even get a job because she doesnt have any of that paperwork she was in the process of getting her ID and all that shit until this happened. My mom loves her so much they have a bond together and I just want her back home where all of her stuff is and where she belongs. Today we had a pre trial which got postponed but a hearing to get the no contact order lifted, it got denied. The fucking city doesn’t want it lifted cause they think im a fucking monster, they think im dangerous to her cause of how much damage i inflicted under the influence of xanax which I DONT EVEN DO ANYMORE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Plus my fucking parents live with us so how the fuck am I danger when my parents are literally right there to make sure shit like this doesnt happen? She has nowhere to fucking go besides her cousins house which she fucking hates being there in the first place. all of her fucking shit is in my room, all of her mail comes to our fucking mailbox. my home is her fucking home, how the fuck is the stupid fucking city gonna kick her out onto the streets technically without knowing her fucking story. you wanna protect the victim from me I get it but dont you wanna protect the victim from shitty situations?? they dont know our fucking story or situations they just see whats on the stupid police report and assume my whole identity based on what a fucking xann angry idiot I couldnt control did. im not a bad person, I work a great job in my community i have no record of being violent ever in my life. Im a fucking young adult its only natural for me to do something stupid like do a drug on a rare occasion. xanax is an evil fucking drug i seen first hand my closest friends get in an argument theyre like soulbrothers the two of them and he pulled a knife out on him in a very frustrated way that scared me cause I knew that wasnt him, ive seen firsthand what drugs do to the ones you love most yet I was stupid enough to give back in. Hearing the city doesnt want the no contact order dropped cause they think im a monster gives me no hope and i cant wait until march for this shit to probably get worse. I wanna kill myself just to escape the fucking unfair cards we were dealt with, a shitty broken justice system that tears families apart and turn young men into the monsters they treat them as. Why should I keep living if this no contact order doesnt get dropped by the city? She wants it dropped and she knows me best way better then the fucking city does thats for sure. Its unfair for a bunch of strangers to ruin our lifes and make it more stressful. I’ve had thoughts of hanging myself just to not witness my life come to more of a downfall then what it is now. I cant deal with this, why do thoses rich assholes have the right to be a roadblock and separate us from eachother. guarantee all those asshole cops to the fuckers in the city don’t know what its like and the struggles we normal fucking citizens in the lowerclass deal with. Now the money I was using to benefit our lives is suppose to be spend just to hopefully get her back. i cant even cry anymore about this now all i just wanna do is end my life. itd be much easier on my girlfriend, the court and police if I just straight kill myself. they think ima fucking monster so why wouldnt they be happy to see a monster end up dead, my girlfriend wouldnt have to stress anymore about not seeing me and finally be able to come home where she belongs. I fucked up my life all because of xanax, i have no meaning in life. I just wanted to make her happy but I cant even fucking talk to her at all or even see her. im better off sleeping forever in the dirt and i bet some of u guys want that too considering what i did was a horrible thing. everybody wants me dead so why do i even keep living, work work work and for what? just to get my heart broken by the court and lose hope day by day? i just wanna fucking die right now so I dont have to deal with anymore of this bullshit, im a fucking human being too. im still a normal person, im a good kid I didnt belong in jail with all those gangbangers and heartless motherfuckers i was in there with. I was in the process of joining the army but now i dont know depending how this goes, plus why would I wanna serve a god damn fucking country that treats its third class citizens like shit and ants on a shoe? why should I serve a country that has abandoned me? I use to love america until I got to the bottom of that society with the other low lifes who were pushed in there systematically cause of their rough upbringings? This country is fucked and its court and prison/jail system is fucked. what even is there worth living for anymore in life, im just another statistic now so why not just add myself onto another one? fuck xanax, if u never done pills before and are on the fence about it I beg you to dont even do that shit. before christmas I was just a good kid with a bright future and now im just a fucking monster with no future. i love you and i want u back so much its so hard waking up nowadays without you being there for me like you were for an entire year. im sorry if i do something stupid i love you so much and all i ever wanted was a better future with you i love you
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2022.01.26 01:22 The_Shepherd_5 Here’s my take on the Emperor’s Champion. He’s ready to join the crusade!

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2022.01.26 01:22 Toothp8ste Top of screen peeling off

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2022.01.26 01:22 3727528427582 I want attention

I'm 16m. Ever since I came back to school people just don't talk to me as much. Girls don't talk to me, they just remove me. I just feel like a worthless loser because I can't get any girls. A few months ago I was faking depression for attention because I wasn't feeling good, so I wanted attention to make me feel better. People just now think I'm weird and it's made people not like me even more. I just dont feel like anyone loves me. I honestly really just want everyone to like me. I have faked depression for attention when I'm upset tons of times. I constantly think of killing myself and live streaming it just to spite people or so I can have people feel bad for me. I enjoy people feeling sorry for me. I'm not depressed. I just feel lonely
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2022.01.26 01:22 Chimeguy22 💎💵$5 for trying Cashapp real easy!!💵💎

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2022.01.26 01:22 PJ-Beans Is the college counseling center worth it?

(Note: I understand this will vary from college to college. I'm asking just in general)
(Note 2: There are some potential trigger warnings in here. Those sentences are prefixed/suffixed in bold and spoilered.)
tl;dr: based on some weird symptoms that make my mental health not great, is it worth it to meet with my college's counseling center or nah? Any reason I *shouldn't* meet with them?
Hey all,
So for a little while now, my mental health has been... odd... for lack of a better explanation. I keep trying to figure out what's wrong/what's causing the bad shit, but I never feel 100% satisfied with what I find.
In a nutshell, I started dealing with some anxiety around the middle of the first semester. It went away for a little while, then came back *hard* 2 weeks before finals - I was anxious going to bed, had sleep paralysis, and began avoiding social situations where possible. **POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING**>! I also engaged in a little bit of sh via the means of scratching myself when I felt guilty (although oddly, it didn't feel totally out of compulsion, but similar to "relapsing" in an addiction of sorts). I also had some passive suicidal thoughts (meaning I don't have an intent or even desire to suicide, but I might look at a lake and go "huh, I could drown in there and maybe things would be better") !<**END TRIGGER WARNING**
Over winter break, the anxiety subsided, but I certainly did not feel motivated. I also dreaded Christmas which is a first for me.
Once back on campus, the anxiety began to increase a bit again, not to the point it was before, but certainly there: appetite went down, some anxiety going to bed, but also lower self-esteem and some (but less) passive suicidal thoughts. **POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING** A few attempts at the aforementioned sh but I've stopped myself before making any marks **END TRIGGER WARNING**
Here's the kicker tho: most of the shitty feelings are in and out. And while I still have some social anxiety, when hanging out with friends at practice for my sport, I often feel at least more "normal" than when I'm alone. If I listen to some music, sometimes the symptoms go away as well. But they sure don't mind coming back.
Based on other events, I feel like there's a good chance this could be related to the concept of limerence, as dumb as that may sound. I had a crush on someone, they said no, so I moved on (I recognize I can't control someone else's feelings and respect that). But part of me still longs for their attention/approval/appreciation; however, if they give it to me (e.g., thru hugs, as they are a big hugger [I don't ask for them, they just give them]), I "block it out" because I feel like I shouldn't be receiving it, especially now; last week they mentioned they have a crush on someone else and while I'm obviously very happy for them, I can't shake the feeling that this means I'll be replaced as a friend (even though we never dated, we were and still are very close friends; I was very comfortable talking to them about just about anything, we hung out a lot and were in many of the same classes. Definitely one of my closest friends on campus and in my entire life for sure).
I'm wondering if it's even worth it to see my college's counseling center. I mean, a good chunk of the time I just feel like the bad feelings are all just fake and I'm overreacting to nothing, as if the bad feelings are hiding. But I also know how bad they can get when they return. And even if things get better, I have no idea if they can come back in the future. But what will the counselors tell me - will they just assume I'm a thirsty desperate bitch? (To clarify, I am not seeking a relationship with this person anymore, and most of the anxious/nervous feelings in regards to them are involuntary)
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2022.01.26 01:22 neocarleen [Graveyard Keeper] #507 Like Stardew Valley, but with more organ harvesting and ancient curses

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2022.01.26 01:22 feedimo The British film industry is doomed if it can’t make room for new film-makers | Mike Newell

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2022.01.26 01:22 BEATL3JUIC3 Check out my latest! Follow if you can!

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2022.01.26 01:22 DamnYouSlackin How do I say “this song go hard” in roadman slang?(sorry if this isn’t a thing to ask here just curious is all)

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2022.01.26 01:22 yamommatt New Subway Cars

Any updates on the arrival of the new HR4000 subway cars? I know the arrival date has gotten delayed previously. Last I heard they were supposed to be on the rails sometime this year. Has a certain month or time of year been announced yet?
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2022.01.26 01:22 Square_Flan1772 I love looking at all the highest score pet names

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2022.01.26 01:22 Broad_Foundation The Black Irish Irish British people are originally Spanish!

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2022.01.26 01:22 Kayeaaa Is it possible to drive to QLD from SA through NSW?

I am currently in SA.
I can't drive directly from SA to QLD because of the flooding and road closures.
But is it possible to drive to QLD via NSW?
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2022.01.26 01:22 Koupers Order and Rule

"I don't believe your High Seraphic Council understands what they have asked for here." Celes said. "You have denied my people the opportunity to parley for peace, and you have threatened them with war being brought to their very homes." Celes' voice rose and trembled as she spoke, the anger and fear that gripped her barely contained. "And you refuse to negotiate any rules for this war saying that you will unleash your full wrath on all of humanity?" She stopped, breathing heavily, waiting for any sign that the Council would back down.
"Young Admiral Celes... " The first Chancellor spoke. His species was tall, but thin, while the entirety of the Council was masked to prevent you from knowing their race or origin, he appeared to be from somewhere with extremely low gravity. "Humanity has violated our pact, the great covenant of all, and has shown they do not respect the rule and order without testing it. Any species who does not respect the rule of order, does not benefit from it's protection." The lights over his chamber dimmed, as did the rest of the Council, the matter was settled. Faint chuckling could be heard as the now shadowed figures walked into the dark.
"For what comes... Blame man or your gods, but this day will be known as regret." Celes said softly before closing her inquiry and leaving the chamber. It was a quiet walk down the great halls. The building had been so lively on her entry, but with the sentence passed on her people all of the remaining citizens had left, closed their offices and stalls, and abandoned the streets to give her a taste of the silence and absence her own people were being punished with. The High Seraphic Council would wage their war, on behalf of the entirety of the Galactic Confederation of Unity and Understanding, to protect the Rule and Order of the Order and Rule. The High Seraphic Council understood nothing of man; however, they believed we were like them.
We were never like them. We were never a species who had near limitless resources, we never developed identical religions across our sphere to unite us, we were forged in calamity and disaster and hatred and fire. It took the near extinction of our people for us to find the unity these other Confederate members found so easily. We were never hesitant to choose the highest of violence when threatened.
"Rear Admiral Leon." Celes spoke internally, accessing her own internal circuitry and broadcast upgrades.
"Sir- I heard, Fleet Admiral Celes, I don't know that they understand what they just did." The voice rang inside her head.
"Once I'm onboard I want the whole fleet to be prepared. We will not wait for official declarations to be drawn up. We'll end this today."
"Didn't they just offer official declarations?" Rear Admiral Leon asked
"No, they made their ruling, but it'll take upwards of a week to put out an official declaration. Their expectation is that we will return home to warn our people, to send out ships to relocate our various outposts and settlements, that we'll try to give one more plea for peace before taking their punishment. It's what the rest of the confederate races would do."
"Ah. Yes Sir." Rear Admiral Leon affirmed.
Fleet Admiral Celes took her small diplomatic shuttle back to the Enterprise, a massive dreadnought that represented the greatest strengths of humanity, and their worst tendencies. The Enterprise, a new ship assembled in the shipyards of Ganymede, was almost four kilometers long, with a beam of almost a full kilometer at its widest point. The massive almost ovular shaped ship was covered in large gun embankments and multiple enormous magneto-gauss accelerators. Every single point had been aimed at known Confederate fleet vehicles and ships throughout the system.
"All ships report readiness." Celes broadcast to her fleet as she stepped into the command room of the Enterprise." "Bismark Ready" "Victory Ready" "Yamamoto Ready" "Maiden of Peace Ready" "Mikasa Ready" "Arizona Ready" "Botafogo Ready" "Imperial Education Ready"
Two dozen more ships confirmed readiness as Fleet Admiral Celes assigned more targeting orders and issued the expected withdrawal of all humans on the High Seraphic Homeworld, Cherbimin. She ordered manual targeting and aiming for all ships, with artillery specialists and scientists pouring over numbers and statistics to ensure accuracy. When she confirmed the last shuttle was docked within one of the great transports she sighed. Reaching down to the official com to speak out loud she hesitated just one hopeful moment.
"This is Fleet Admiral Celes Shere, of H.S.N.S Enterprise for Peace, now of War... I ask one more time, would the High Seraphic council reconsider their desire for war?"
She waited, one breath, two breaths, three breaths. She felt her chest rise and fall slowly as she waited for a response. Surely they were not this foolhardy, thinking that we fought how they did....
"Sir, we have received a message, written in Confederate Common." Security Officer Niemitz spoke. Celes nodded at him and the message appeared before her eyes, a summary dismissal of her requests.
"Do we have a final count of their fleet assets in-system?"
"Sir, the identified fleet assets in-system comprises more than forty percent of the Confederates total fleet, and the vast majority of their useful firepower." Lieutenant Torres spoke up, only answering out loud for those in the room.
"Maiden of Peace, Imperial Education, Victory, and the Enterprise will fire on Security Station XR-31, Transport and Merchant Station XR-31 A, Homeworld Alep, and the High Seraphic Homeworld Bet. Use all armaments at maximum speed. The rest of the fleet will be assigned firing orders shortly, timing and sequence to follow." Fleet Admiral Celes appeared visibly defeated as she spoke. Before her eyes flickered assignments and distances and expected angles of adjustment based on the various gravity wells of this system. The room was nearly silent as everyone viewed and processed orders and requests, a gestalt of shared minds and internal computers focused only on victory for mankind. As the last of the orders were sent out she ordered the various transport ships to begin heading out of the system, the shimmering blues and violets of energy build-up as they dropped into subspace for travel. The Confederate fleets would expect the humans to send civilians off first, leaving their heavily armed fleet to stand and protect the rear of the non-combatants.
Deep in the High Seraphic Council's Grand Hall of Rule, more than a mile below surface under hardened concrete and steel walls and iron supports and deflection rooms, the High Council sat with their various advisors reading reports. The humans behaved exactly as expected. They withdrew civilians first and would likely send their warships out second to tell their homeworlds to prepare for the scourge to come.
"Nemriel, why would they want rules for war? Who would agree to hamstring themselves in combats of life and death?" The tall skinny one asked, humor tinted his voice.
"Who knows, these primates are still under-evolved and likely already torn apart by fear." The voice rang out from the large tank of Nemriel's, a species not dissimilar from the terran octopodes and cephalopods.
"A few months of war with us should teach them, we'll eliminate their warrior cast, and the rule-breaking merchants. It should bring them to surrender and full-acceptance of our conditions to join the Galactic Confederacy of Unity and Understanding.” Spoke Seraphindeai, a wide six-armed creature with hard crustacean-like features.
“Your honors and majastees” Spoke a small amphibious male manning one of the observation and communication stations. “They have sent a tremendous number of data packets between all ships. It appears that thousands of the individuals are also linked in various data connections.”
“Ah, so they prepare their final withdrawal, likely sharing data to coordinate folds as not to destroy one another.” Nemriel spoke, and several of the others nodded or shook or vibrated in agreement.
“If they were so able to violate The Rule and Order, are we sure they will do as we expect now?” Spoke Efrina, her voice coming from a pressure tank that held her form together.
Alarms and lights blared within the room. Material Acceleration warnings sounded. Dozens of large objects had been ejected from the human ships. Initial scans suggest tungsten mass rods, accelerated to significant percentages of theoretical limits. The scans were incomplete, several of these were approaching ninety-eight percent of the speed of light, and as such only the slower ones and after trails left time to be scanned.
“Explanation?” Demanded Uridnea, a massive heavy figure who had remained in the dark.
“They appear to be targeting our ships that are furthest out sir!” The information officer shouted while hammering away at keys and buttons in his station. “Sending a warning out but I don’t think there’ll be time for any of their targets to respond.”
“What do they think they are doing?” Uridnea said slamming his fist down onto his desk, bending the steel desk of his station, the screen bending and shattering.
“Sir, more objects are being fired, I’m giving the order to all in-system ships to take action and begin attacking the human fleet.” Spoke the tall quadruped Euripides. “But considering their opening salvo we may wish to surrender.”
More ships opened fire, there would be no sound for their massive battery from space. The council watched in horror as wave after wave fired, those with quicker minds and computations could see the concentric rings of fire were targeting the ships and defensive platforms from furthest away first and getting nearer and nearer.
The largest monitor in the room displayed a wide image rendering of the home-system, small blips lit up showing lost ships, defensive batteries, aerial stations, merchant ships, transport ships, luxury vessels.
“Celes! I demand you stop this at once!” the First Chancellor spoke into his com channels. “This is not how war is fought.”
The monitor on the wall showed that combat had slowed, the vast majority of the confederate’s ships were reduced to slag, or so far away that they wouldn’t be able to respond to any orders, and likely would be struck by that initial salvo soon. War, on a galactic scale, should have lasted longer than a few minutes.
“Sir, we have a request for data connection from the humans.” Said the information officer.
The First Chancellor nodded, and the screen flashed to a view of Celes’ face. Her pale skin, freckles, slight lines alongside her eyes and mouth. Those piercing blue eyes and faded yellow hair. Humans looked weird to most of the Confederacy. Many evolutionary paths were similar, and for these primates to have taken their world must have been a unique circumstance, they are so soft, small, and slow… The First Chancellor shook his head, clearing out his biases as best he could.
“Fleet Admiral Celes, this is an order to stop, in the name of the Galactic Confederation of-”
“We asked, we begged for mercy, for rules, for distinctions on your rules of engagement and war First Chancellor” Celes cut him off. “You misunderstood, those requests were not for our people’s sake, but your own. You asked me to fight you as humans would, as unchained and uncontrolled as we dared be, to fight for our survival.”
“Sir, several of the human dreadnoughts appear to be using a tremendous amount of power, beyond anything we’ve seen. The magnetic fields around them rival that of planets. “ The Information officer spoke to their commander, and the chamber as a whole.
“You accuse us of not following your Rule, not respecting your Order, but you never gave us the rules, you assumed we would understand them intrinsically, that they would be a part of our genetic code.” Celes spoke again, stopping to nod off screen briefly.
“Sir, two of their ships just fired, both XR-31 and XR-31-A are gone.”
“You felt so sure of your might, in humanities failures, that you felt you could condemn us to whatever punishment you chose. “ Celes spoke on, her face reddening with rage, her nose wrinkled as her diplomatic calm faded into disgusted anger.
“Sir… they just hit Alep…” The information officers throat tightened as he couldn’t bring himself to speak the words. That Alep had been struck so hard its axis was shifting and its rotation speeding up, that there was zero chance of survivors, on a planet with more than fourteen billion.
The First Chancellors info pad lit up with the report. He was breathless with dread, refusing to understand the situation. “Why?”
“Why?” Parroted Celes. “We tried, we tried to be peaceful, to be a part of the Confederacy. You mocked us at every turn, looked down on us because we were not of seeds sown by the fore-runners, you always hated us, and today you threatened to end us.”
“We would never destroy worlds or slaughter civilians. We would have attacked military targets and merchants” The Chancellor’s voice was a whisper, the rest of the council couldn’t find the energy to speak.
“We asked for understanding, you again, incorrectly, moronically, assumed we would just inherently be the same. For that I say, fuck you. Fuck your council. Fuck your history, the universe will not remember you.” Celes nodded off screen one more time. “Welcome to the last day of your Confederacy and your Council.” The screen blipped off and quickly returned to the wide scale render of the system. Red and yellow blinked everywhere. Where two of the largest space stations and artificial habitats of the known universe stood were just unknown quantities of scrap. A sister planet in their binary rotation was seen undergoing terrifying changes, the change in rotation and axis was causing disaster after disaster, not including the massive impact wave of destruction that was rippling across the planet.
Onboard the Enterprise everyone stood still. Watching the inbound reports, reading account after account of impact hits and reports of near 100% accuracy. Fleet Admiral Celes had one more duty to perform. She reached down, initiating fire authorization, pulling the trigger herself on the massive pre-configured battery. Dozens of multi-ton tungsten rods would be accelerated beyond relativistic limits. Each strike to the point mere moments after each other. The ship shuddered, the electrical circuits hummed with strain and the multiple fusion chambers flexed with the sudden outpouring of energy.
To those in the safety of space, it would have appeared as if an invisible god had reached down and jabbed a finger through the planet. By the time the initial crater was visible, there were so many impacts it immediately dug down under the crust of the world. The bright orange glow of exposed magma and molten metals light up the small orb’s world. The shockwaves moved, the ground liquified, the atmosphere was blowing off the very planet itself. Within moments the entirety of the world was rendered unlivable. What had once been a world teeming with life was now a molten rock, ready to undergo the first stages of becoming a habitable world. Assuming her sister-world Alep’s now irregular orbit didn’t fall into her.
Forty eight minutes after first fire all salvos had hit their targets, or sailed off into space to ruin someone else’s day. Fleet Admiral Celes Shere stood in silence, viewing reports, nearly all communication traffic in the system had silenced. The war was over, there were ships out of system of course, but no one would dare try and fight humanity longer, not after this.
“This is Fleet Admiral Celes Shere, all ships begin providing aid to any survivors. Send relay ships out to every colony, every sector, every system, human and otherwise, and share the news. There will be new treaties and covenants created, humanity will be included.” The room returned to their furious pace of work carrying out her orders as she slumped into her chair with a long heavy sigh. Sighing because it would be wildly inappropriate to cry. Victory can be the heaviest of burdens.
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2022.01.26 01:22 Diamano25 Found this lovely screenshot in my Hearthstone folder

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2022.01.26 01:22 gg022204 GUYS A FOUND AN IRRELEVANT THING, IS IT A PROOF????

Ok I know I'm connecting dots in my head that probably don't even exist BUT... in the carpool karaoke with just harry, James asks how he feels being up front harry says "I feel like I have more control over the buttons" I immediately thought of when Louis couldn't control himself because Harrys shirt unbuttoned. Definitely not a thing I just thought it was cute.
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2022.01.26 01:22 scgco McDonald's Responds To Elon Musk: We Will Accept Dogecoin If Tesla Accepts GrimaceCoin

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2022.01.26 01:22 Ok_Care_3080 [US-CA] [H} paypal, venmo, local cash [W] Bluetooth Keyboard kit (KBD67 lite, Ikki68, etc)

Hello, I am looking for a BLUETOOTH-compatible keyboard kit such as the KBD67 lite, Ikki68 Aurora, or any other budget/cheaper custom keyboards. NOT Keychrons XD. I would like it to be in New or lightly-used condition.
CONUS only. I can also do local in OC (Tustin/Irvine).
I would like the color to be either black, grey, white, transparent, blue, pink, or purple. Please send me offers with the keyboard model, color, condition (new/used), accessories (stabilizers, etc). Thank you!
I do not need keycaps. I also do not need switches, but you can offer them if you'd like; I might consider buying switches with the keyboard, depending on the situation. Thank you!!!
Comment before PM.
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2022.01.26 01:22 DrocknJock Haha just kidding… unless???

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2022.01.26 01:22 MonochromeDeer Feeling weird

I've been having spotting for the past week now, only ever when I wipe and it's always pink. I called my OB about it because well I've never been pregnant and wasn't sure what to do, they immediately sent me to the ER because they couldn't see me that day. After 5 hours the ER came back inconclusive. my hcg is currently sitting around 2,600, the ultrasound only showed a sac and yolk so the prognosis was 'its too early to tell'.
A day later now I have a raging yeast infection and I'm still spotting but with very tiny clots... I have light cramping on occasion but nothing that really concerns me, kinda just feel stuck.
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