The athlete of the year could be a member of Canada’s gold medal-winning women’s soccer team. But which one?

2021.12.02 10:01 BanksKnowsBest The athlete of the year could be a member of Canada’s gold medal-winning women’s soccer team. But which one?

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2021.12.02 10:01 sjmarotta Second Part: Lecture 34: Self-Surpassing

Been so long since I've read this book, that I'm rereading each chapter as I write my notes (probably obvious enough)... But, I have to say, I'm pretty excited about this chapter based on the title alone.
Gives one an adventurous feeling, no?

“Will to Truth” do ye call it, ye wisest ones, that which impelleth you and maketh you ardent?
Will for the thinkableness of all being: thus do I call your will!
OK, let's stop here. What a great formula we have at the start.
There are actors pretending to themselves and to others that they are "pursuers of the truth". Zarathustra (Nietzsche) is going to smash his character up against theirs, as he does, and immediately he gives us a different way of understanding what drives them: The seek to make the world speakable.
This is how he sees their actual characters, they are stenographers of the world; their drive is that the world would be "understandable" in a propositional sense. "Thinkable" means: "I can formulate a sentence or set of sentences which fully describe what being is without leaving anything out.
But, this drive itself is a "deadening" kind of drive. The Universe is vital, it is alive.
We don't spend anywhere near enough time talking about "philosophical distinctions" in this class, and one of the ways in which I want to improve the series here is by introducing traditional philosophical distinctions (like the difference between a priori and a posteriori and all those other distinctions which have been created by the history of philosophy and the work of philosophers).
One such important distinction we can bring up now is this one:
If the world is an "it" than one can know it the way these "wise ones" want to know it. It can be known propositionally. It is something which is thinkable, in that sense.
If the world is personal, then ultimate knowledge of it is knowledge of, like when we say: I have a friend, you have to meet him. I can tell you all sorts of things about my friend, you can know that I think he is clever or fun or kind or insightful, or whatever. BUT, until you meet him, until your personality and his are interacting, you don't really know him.
Nietzsche is saying that the world is like that. The ultimate knowledge of the world is relational. So, ultimately, all the work of science and philosophy (with its propositional statements subject to analysis and rules of logic and all that) is going to prove to be insufficient for the ultimate knowledge of the world that it seeks.
What does this understanding do to OUR understanding of N's formula, that the Universe is "Will to Power" and nothing besides? Well, the statement "Will to Power" on first glance appears to be just another propositional statement. I just wrote it out, after all, so there it is. One could ascribe to it, disagree with it, analyze it, make counter-arguments to it... so, isn't Nietzsche just doing the same thing?
Perhaps. Or, perhaps, he there is something about that formula which is the best approximation of a propositional understanding of the world, of making the world "thinkable" in a language-based sense, BUT maybe there is something about that formula which is deeper than just such a statement.
Consider other such formulas: "The world is matter and motion and all the varied complexities and phenomena are ultimately reducible to physical dead "stuffness" that has energy". This is a kind of materialist formula; and it clearly fits inside the "objectivist, propositional language style formula" of making the world thinkable.
Now consider another kind of formula: "The Universe is Magic." This is still a proposition, and it looks like it is attempting to be a reduction of all knowledge of the world to some simple statement one could entertain, agree with, reject, whatever... but it isn't quite like that, is it? If the term "magic" is itself a sign or a symbol pointing to something which definitionally is beyond the scope of a mental comprehensiveness, then there is something negating about the formula. It asks to be entertained by the mind by being written as a straightforward proposition, but the term itself then refuses to be entertained by the mind by bucking the possibility of comprehension at the same time.
It is my view that N's formula is so brilliant because it is more like this second formula than the first. Furthermore, N knew this, and that is why he used it the way he did.
I won't expand upon this idea too much more here, but it would be a great conversation if we want to challenge the idea or debate it or dig in deeper in the comments. The last thing I'll say to make this position clear is that: "Will" is an element not just of cognition but of personality. So the "propositional statement THAT the world is X" is purposefully supposed to point us to the fact that "knowledge that" is not sufficient; there is something of PERSONALITY and CHARACTER in the world, and the "X" of "Will" points us that way... total ultimate universal knowledge must be of that second category, to N's conception; knowledge OF.
Nietzsche is trying to introduce us to the Universe so that we might know it in this sense of the word (knowledge of, not just knowledge that).
All being would ye MAKE thinkable: for ye doubt with good reason whether it be already thinkable.
But it shall accommodate and bend itself to you! So willeth your will. Smooth shall it become and subject to the spirit, as its mirror and reflection.
That is your entire will, ye wisest ones, as a Will to Power; and even when ye speak of good and evil, and of estimates of value.
Ye would still create a world before which ye can bow the knee: such is your ultimate hope and ecstasy.
The ignorant, to be sure, the people—they are like a river on which a boat floateth along: and in the boat sit the estimates of value, solemn and disguised.
Your will and your valuations have ye put on the river of becoming; it betrayeth unto me an old Will to Power, what is believed by the people as good and evil.
Let us look at the next splash created by N's character smashing against the characters of these "wise ones".
An important observation is this: Nietzsche judges the philosopher by the philosophy and the philosophy by the philosopher... he is, as he said of himself, a psychologist to his core when doing philosophy. N is applying his formula of understanding the nature of the Universe to comprehend what it is that really motivates these intellectuals on their journey to "the truth".
In case anyone is interpreting this as some kind of simple formula that the creators of these systems of thought really just wanted POWER and CONTROL over others... that childish formula that Marxists think all religion and political ideologies (except theirs?) can be reduced to; remember this:
It was ye, ye wisest ones, who put such guests in this boat, and gave them pomp and proud names—ye and your ruling Will!
This is a powerful inversion of the materialist's view of history: Nietzsche is saying that the philosophers of the past are the ULTIMATE explanation for the systems of economics and power and morality that define the people-groups which come after them.
The photographic negative of this view is that: The economic realities change, the power-structures change for environmental or historical reasons AND THEN the philosophers are called in to justify and make a language game explanation for why it should always be this new way.
So, did philosophical theorists discover that man has rights which come from God and which cannot be taken by the state? OR, did the kings of the past need money from the newly risen merchant class, and so the "divine right of kings" was transformed to justify why the power should be distributed more evenly?
Nietzsche is taking the first view. I must say, the second view sits on my back like a monkey or demon and I hope to ultimately be able to throw it. It's not what I want to be the case, but it scarily may be.
"Self-overcoming" is the title of this passage. Perhaps we are seeing some of N's self in the ones he is smashing up against in this chapter, let us look for the overcoming.
Onward the river now carrieth your boat: it MUST carry it. A small matter if the rough wave foameth and angrily resisteth its keel!
It is not the river that is your danger and the end of your good and evil, ye wisest ones: but that Will itself, the Will to Power—the unexhausted, procreating life-will.
But that ye may understand my gospel of good and evil, for that purpose will I tell you my gospel of life, and of the nature of all living things.
The living thing did I follow; I walked in the broadest and narrowest paths to learn its nature.
With a hundred-faced mirror did I catch its glance when its mouth was shut, so that its eye might speak unto me. And its eye spake unto me.
But wherever I found living things, there heard I also the language of obedience. All living things are obeying things.
And this heard I secondly: Whatever cannot obey itself, is commanded. Such is the nature of living things.
This, however, is the third thing which I heard—namely, that commanding is more difficult than obeying. And not only because the commander beareth the burden of all obeyers, and because this burden readily crusheth him:—
An attempt and a risk seemed all commanding unto me; and whenever it commandeth, the living thing risketh itself thereby.
Yea, even when it commandeth itself, then also must it atone for its commanding. Of its own law must it become the judge and avenger and victim.
Now we see not only the suggestion that there is a deeper principle, the WtP which is driving those who tell the masses that they have discovered "truth" and that the masses should obey (as they are willingly ready to do) this truth presented to them... but we see HOW the one evolves to the other; HOW the emergence of this type derives from the basic principle N knows about the nature of being.
Again, if you are reading N's criticisms or psychological analysis of this type, the "wise men" and thinking he is making a claim of a simple propositional formula which can supplant theirs, you are not reading it correctly, he is giving a personal knowledge of nature and the Universe which is more basic and fundamental and from which the emergence of simplistic formulas arise for good reason, they are another expression of this basic personal formula.
How doth this happen! so did I ask myself. What persuadeth the living thing to obey, and command, and even be obedient in commanding?
Hearken now unto my word, ye wisest ones! Test it seriously, whether I have crept into the heart of life itself, and into the roots of its heart!
Wherever I found a living thing, there found I Will to Power; and even in the will of the servant found I the will to be master.
That to the stronger the weaker shall serve—thereto persuadeth he his will who would be master over a still weaker one. That delight alone he is unwilling to forego.
And as the lesser surrendereth himself to the greater that he may have delight and power over the least of all, so doth even the greatest surrender himself, and staketh—life, for the sake of power.
It is the surrender of the greatest to run risk and danger, and play dice for death.
And where there is sacrifice and service and love-glances, there also is the will to be master. By by-ways doth the weaker then slink into the fortress, and into the heart of the mightier one—and there stealeth power.
And this secret spake Life herself unto me. “Behold,” said she, “I am that WHICH MUST EVER SURPASS ITSELF.
To be sure, ye call it will to procreation, or impulse towards a goal, towards the higher, remoter, more manifold: but all that is one and the same secret.
Rather would I succumb than disown this one thing; and verily, where there is succumbing and leaf-falling, lo, there doth Life sacrifice itself—for power!
That I have to be struggle, and becoming, and purpose, and cross-purpose—ah, he who divineth my will, divineth well also on what CROOKED paths it hath to tread!
Whatever I create, and however much I love it,—soon must I be adverse to it, and to my love: so willeth my will.
And even thou, discerning one, art only a path and footstep of my will: verily, my Will to Power walketh even on the feet of thy Will to Truth!
He certainly did not hit the truth who shot at it the formula: ‘Will to existence’: that will—doth not exist!
For what is not, cannot will; that, however, which is in existence—how could it still strive for existence!
He is, of course, talking of Schopenhauer here. Philosophizing with his hammer, in three short blows, he identifies a principle more fundamental and basic to existence than even the will to existence formula. Life will sacrifice itself on a gamble for more self-expression; so existence is not the ultimate goal of life, but this other principle, says N.
It is important to notice, however, that N was not the first to pronounce a formula for ultimate understanding of the world which was based in "will", like the magic element which makes the ultimate understanding of the universe something with a PERSONAL ingredient in it and makes that ultimate knowledge something of the "knowledge of" instead of just the "knowledge that" kind.
Nor will N be the LAST to come up with a formula like this. We are all N's children in one way or another, whether we recognize it or not. We inhabit the world he left for us. Some of his best children, however, tried to dig beneath his formula and alter, revise, or expand upon it. One such thinker was Victor Frankl. His formula (emphasizing the psychological dimension) was that "will to meaning" was the ultimate definition of man's suffering existence.
We can note two things about this now: First, that we do not have to ultimately accept N's final pronouncements on everything, his ideas evolved, and perhaps they could keep evolving. We are in a world where we must take his insights and try to find the right ways to interpret those insights themselves and make sense of the world. So, the first observation is that we are stuck here and we can benefit from what he gave us without ultimately agreeing or thinking it is the final word on the subject.
HOWEVER, look back at the whole of this passage and you will find that N PREDICTED just some such "will to meaning" kind of formula, and smashed it with a hammer before it came about; or at least thought he had hit everything in an area which could contain some such formulas.
With these two observations, we will continue studying N seriously and see where that gets us.
Only where there is life, is there also will: not, however, Will to Life, but—so teach I thee—Will to Power!
Much is reckoned higher than life itself by the living one; but out of the very reckoning speaketh—the Will to Power!”—
Thus did Life once teach me: and thereby, ye wisest ones, do I solve you the riddle of your hearts.
Verily, I say unto you: good and evil which would be everlasting—it doth not exist! Of its own accord must it ever surpass itself anew.
This is a very important principle, and it is AMAZING that N just utters it almost in passing and expects us all to keep up. He really wasn't trying to be understood at all, like he claimed.
He is saying: You are seeking an ultimate definition of what is good and what is evil... well, life is of the kind of nature that IF it had some such definition, it would no longer be able to sophisticate itself any longer, it would have no room to strive for higher heights AND SO it will manifest in the world the NEGATION of the good until it has a higher conception and manifestation of both the good and the evil. It is the dragon eating its own tail. It is a spiral staircase going upwards... life cannot rest in an answer, ALL answers will be insufficient NOT because they fail, but ESPECIALLY if they are the most sufficient. The better the answer, the less it will be able to remain the answer, the more necessary it will become for life to triumph over it.
Was there ever a thinker like Nietzsche?
With your values and formulae of good and evil, ye exercise power, ye valuing ones: and that is your secret love, and the sparkling, trembling, and overflowing of your souls.
But a stronger power groweth out of your values, and a new surpassing: by it breaketh egg and egg-shell.
And he who hath to be a creator in good and evil—verily, he hath first to be a destroyer, and break values in pieces.
Thus doth the greatest evil pertain to the greatest good: that, however, is the creating good.—
Let us SPEAK thereof, ye wisest ones, even though it be bad. To be silent is worse; all suppressed truths become poisonous.
And let everything break up which—can break up by our truths! Many a house is still to be built!—
Thus spake Zarathustra.
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2021.12.02 10:01 titomax2 To whoever put an L in the name Noel.

Is it that hard to follow simple directions?
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2021.12.02 10:01 UnlawfulRepublic Do you also completely fail when plans change?

When a significant enough thing about something that I have planned changes, I become completely unable to actually do said thing because of paralyzing anxiety. I must mentally prepare myself for whatever is about to happen for days to even weeks depending on the thing that I am about to do.
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2021.12.02 10:01 Cikada_AU Secret demigirl curtains I convinced my transphobic mom to get (they look more pink irl)

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2021.12.02 10:01 johnrock001 Fullmetal Alchemist Filler - Complete Filler Guide

Fullmetal Alchemist Filler - Complete Filler Guide -
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2021.12.02 10:01 sintheo Warum brauchen Spendenvereine alle meine Daten?

Hallo liebe Wienerinnen und Wiener!
Ich war gerade auf dem Weg ins Austria Center um mir meinen Booster abzuholen, so spricht mich gleich bei der Treppe vor dem ACW ein Herr ohne Maske und mit einem Dienstausweis um den Hals an. Zuerst dachte ich mir das wäre jemand von den Ordnern gewesen so setze ich meine Maske auf.
Doch nach den ersten beiden Sätzen habe ich erst verstanden, dass es ein Mitarbeiter eines Spendenvereins der Stadt Wien ist, welcher sich für Obdachlose einsetzt. Grundsätzlich finde ich das ja eine super Sache, doch dieser Herr war dermaßen aufdringlich und ließ sich auf keinerlei Diskussion ein. Er ließ mich nicht mal ausreden, als ich ihm meine Bedenken in punkto Abo mitteilen wollte. Ich habe die Konversation leider abrupt beenden müssen, indem ich auf meinen Impftermin verweisen musste was ja grundsätzlich sehr schade ist. Vor Allem aber fand ich es sehr bedenklich, dass dieser Herr in der jetzigen Situation keine Maske trug und mich ohne Abstand überreden wollte zu spenden und mir ein schlechtes Gewissen einreden wollte.
Die Sache wofür sie sich einsetzen finde ich ja gut, doch warum in aller Welt sind diese Vereine nie damit einverstanden eine einmalige Spende mittels Überweisung anzunehmen? Wieso kann ich nicht an Ort uns Stelle meine Banking App vor ihm zucken, einen QR Code scannen und an Ort und Stelle spenden? Warum muss es immer das lästige Abo sein, welches man wieder selber nach einem Jahr kündigen kann? Macht man das nicht, wird einem das Geld immer wieder abgebucht.
Als der Herr nach 2 Minuten bereits meine IBAN aufschreiben wollte, ging mir das einfach zu weit und ich musste dieses Gespräch instant beenden. Bitte mich nicht falsch verstehen, wenn es darum geht anderen zu helfen bin jederzeit bereit mein Geld oder andere notwendige Güter zu spenden.
Aber alle Vereine machen es gleich. Diese Erfahrungen habe ich bereits mit Ärzte ohne Grenzen, SOS Kinderdorf und Samariterbund machen müssen. Sie wollen dir ein Abo abschwatzen und dafür wollen sie alle deine Daten. Name, Geburtsdatum, Geburtsort, Wohnort, IBAN und BIC. Und dann schicken sie dir alle 3-4 Wochen einen Brief mit Erlagschein und Adventskalendern, Postkarten, Informationsblättern udg. Mal ehrlich, muss das sein?
Mich würde interessieren:

ein herzliches Danke an alle die bis hierhin gelesen haben <3
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2021.12.02 10:01 maxwellington97 V-ray glass

Hi, I am trying to render glass using standard v-ray materials but it only appears on one side of the polysurface. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you
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2021.12.02 10:01 OverKill88 Selling Clash Of Clans TH14

2.8k Gems Max Heros, Lab, Pets BH9 Loads of skins for hero’s and map
Message me for more details.
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2021.12.02 10:01 dopaminetea is this sugar free coconut yoghurt okay on a candida diet? (i take Nystatin if that changes anything)

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2021.12.02 10:01 scheisskopf53 If a game is intensely advertised on social networks, it's an immediate turn-off for me. Maybe I'm missing on something?

When I see one of those adverts for a game, which are typically very intrusive (same ad repeating all the time in my feeds) I immediately assume it's some sort of a scam and don't even check the game out. Is it always the case though? Am I overly cautious?
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2021.12.02 10:01 lasthunter657 Error code 10482:"std_logic" is used but not declared

Error code 10482:
source code if you need to copy
Top entity Compontent
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