Satoshi - BTCs Mining - The Mysterious APP - Join today and start mining with the team and get rewarded in BTCs and BTC

2021.12.02 10:10 KaeseKae Satoshi - BTCs Mining - The Mysterious APP - Join today and start mining with the team and get rewarded in BTCs and BTC

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2021.12.02 10:10 AbaloneSea7265 This makes me happy

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2021.12.02 10:10 ReedHay19 The fact MultiLockOn got his job revoked because he shittalked 343 in the past but Haruspis of all people, the guy that called Halo fans racist for hating Halo 5 and has half the community blocked for disagreeing got a job on the community team is proof 343i is absurd.

None of this makes sense.
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2021.12.02 10:10 TheCalderFarmstead The AHL Nucks Harvest | GAMEDAY RECAP: Canucks win two of two against the Reign thanks to Sheldon Dries’ first career hat-trick

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2021.12.02 10:10 mrpizzacoli A friendly reminder

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2021.12.02 10:10 paradoxlifeforever H: Ass2525 B2525 BE25 NE25 fixers W: offers

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2021.12.02 10:10 TwoSkewpz Gras to Lebel: Development of French Military Repeating Rifles

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2021.12.02 10:10 Jaidata Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament - $21.12

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2021.12.02 10:10 Saul_g0od damnit dad, learn some boundaries

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2021.12.02 10:10 DeadRev0lt What Tier For 2-3, Turnabout Big Top?

Hehe it's time... I'm just wondering if this case will open the F tier, or at least be weaker than 2-1... I let you be the judges of it!
Actual Ranking:

  1. 1-4 : 8,68 (A+)
  2. 1-5 : 8,12 (A)
  3. 2-2 : 6,27 (B)
  4. 1-3 : 5,08 (B-)
  5. 1-1 : 4,59 (C+)
  6. 1-2 : 4,57 (C+)
  7. 2-1 : 2,71 (D+)
How ranks work?
S+ = 10-9,75
S = 9,75-9,25
S- = 9,25-9
A+ = 9-8,5
A = 8,5-7,5
A- = 7,5-7
B+ = 7-6,5
B= 6,5-5,5
B- = 5,5-5
C+= 5-4,5
C = 4,5-3,5
C- = 3,5-3
D+ = 3-2,5
D = 2,5-1,5
D- = 1,5-1
F = 1-0
View Poll
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2021.12.02 10:10 -en- @Reuters: Grab's $40 bln Nasdaq debut to set tone for Southeast Asian tech listings

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2021.12.02 10:10 GodOfThunder976 Am I wierd for doing this?

I pronounce Seele's name as seal
I pronounce Herrscher of Flamescion as Herrscher of Flame-shin, like exeption.
Is this weird?
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2021.12.02 10:10 bjupe_24 Peas in a pod

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2021.12.02 10:10 Accurate-Plastic-426 Downloading video files from shady Websites?

Would anyone know how to access the video files on shady websites? I found a porn film which is only available for download in 480p, but is viewable in 1080p and want that version. Please let me know!
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2021.12.02 10:10 allyaaa15 Is my mum a narcissistic or do my actions justify it?

I'm really grateful if I can have anyone opinion on this situation so thank u if u read and comment
hi, I'm a 17-year-old girl and I have ADHD, Aspergers, anxiety and narcolepsy and struggled all through secondary school so my mum had a lot of involvement until I became online schooled but am fine doing a-levels now. My mum has Aspergers too and currently, full time educates my younger sister at home. There are a lot of occasions I can write about but I am going to write about the most recent one and the one which made one of my friends say to me 'your mum sounds narcissistic.
So I have been dating my boyfriend since he asked me out on a date October 10th last year then he asked me to be my gf after. I told my mum before I went out it wasn't a date and it was just a friend thing because I didn't want her not to allow me to go.I did not mention to my mum that he asked me to be his gf straight away as I feared she would be mad and forbid me to have my first boyfriend so I kept it to myself until 5 or so days later where she was like as a joke 'he probably likes you or something hahaha and because she seemed to be ok and make a joke I then was like yeah and it kinda just was a thing that I and him were together. Later on a couple of months later she got annoyed I didn't tell her straight away as soon we started having sex. I'm in the UK and of legal age and was perfectly safe so I didn't have to tell her straight away? I told her a month or so later because I realised I needed an IUD as I can't take birth control but needed my mums to help with that. She got quite mad and made me feel guilty but that was brushed off however even now she makes comments like 'You guys don't really need to have sleepovers.' and judgy comments about having sex at my age even though I'm in a long term relationship ): She has also been really controlling on other stuff but I can understand these motives more in a way because they're about drinking and walking to train station with a group of friends at like 10 pm. Ok this was some background now I will go into the main bit:
six months or so into my relationship, I told my mum we actually started dating on the 10th and she didn't really bother too much into it until it got to my 1 year anniversary and I was buying him a gift and going for a sleepover at his house. She started saying to me how it wasn't our 1 year anniversary as she didn't know until a week or so later so that was our real anniversary instead. She came into my room in the morning and said how I won't last with him, how she doesn't like his mum and she shouldn't really allow me to be having sleepovers. I have mentally blocked a lot of it out so I'm just looking through the Snapchat vids I sent to my bf crying because I mentioned what happened and I saved them knowing after every argument my brain literally forgets everything. My mum was saying how I 'took away the knowledge from her' that I was going on my first date and so it doesn't count etc. Furthermore, she told me I need to make better friends who don't sleep at their boyfriends for 3 days straight and to do that I should wear more 'conservative' clothes. I feel so guilty writing all of this as it happened in October and she has been very very nice to me since and paid for my car insurance and helped me with other stuff but looking at how much pain I was in on these videos yet how I'm just living a happy and normal day right now makes me so confused and my brain can't process all of this. Another huge argument happened when my boyfriends mum sent a msg to my mum inviting her to a Halloween party they were all hosting at their house and I quickly told my boyfriend to go ask his mum to delete it before my mum sees as my mum won't want to 1) see my very drunk and 2) my mum had talked quite a lot of shit about their family so I did not want an argument to happen. However, my mum had seen the msg notif and that a msg had been deleted so she asked me about it and I had a 10 second battle in my head which I basically was like do I lie and say I'm not sure what the msg was or just be honest as I had already told her I was going to my boyfriend's party on Halloween. I chose to be honest and that I asked his mum to delete it and basically hell started for the next 3 days as my mum was saying how I was being manipulative and plotting against her and that I must be so embarrassed of her but in reality, I was trying to prevent an argument between my bfs mum and my mum but this caused an argument between me and my mum. My mum then had a go at my bfs mum over text saying how she was wrong to listen to me about deleting it and was very rude and talking about just calling the police on it and stuff and I was utterly ruined for like 2 days straight as I love my boyfriend and his family so much and this hurt me physically. My mum then wasn't gonna let me go but she did in the end cool off a few days later and I was gonna prob be allowed to go again. His mum talked to me a week or so later and asked me if she should send my mum another invite and just apologise and cool things off and I wanted my mum and her to be ok so I said yes and in the end, my mum ended up coming for an hour or so on Halloween but the next day she was complaining about the smoke and everything so ultimately I knew she wouldn't get on well but at least everything was cooled off and ok.
I feel like I have written a lot and my eyes have started tearing up but at the end of the day my mum is so supportive (although can be a bit too much such as my narcolepsy post I last posted but that's a whole other story) but she also can make me feel co-dependent and like I have to walk on glass sometimes. I would LOVE to go to my boyfriend's house for Christmas this year as at my house my sister doesn't ask for anything so she opens the 10 odd presents she has and runs off back to her room but my mum says stuff like 'Oh you're not gonna be leaving us this Christmas are you...I should hope not' and other passive-aggressive stuff...I can drive now though so I told her I wouldn't leave until Christmas evening to go to my boyfriend and that seems an ok plan to her. It's just it seems my mum is very 'wanting to spend time with you before you go off and ditch us' which she has said before and so she kind of heavily holds me down to my house and her for everything. I'm not sure this has turned into a huge rant so I apologise to anyone who has read this all but is it a thing for there to be such huge arguments but then back to the normal life which then makes me feel guilty for being sad about anything in the past? I'm so conflicted this sucks
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2021.12.02 10:10 LudwigTheBear Knight [OC]

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2021.12.02 10:10 TaRuN912 [Academic] "Should governments abolish the death penalty/capital punishment?" Uni requires at least 50 responses. Please help me out if you find the time dudes(US)

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2021.12.02 10:10 JRDax Pixel 4a started smoking

I just wanted to flag up for others to keep an eye out for their pixel 4as.
I bought mine a few months ago during the sale that Google had going on. Had been ok with it and using the official charger.
Then the other day I smelt electrical fire and looked over and smoke was billowing out of my charging port! So lucky that I was there and this didn't happen overnight when I usually charge it!
Google will only replace the phone and said I have to seperately request a new charger. They're also sending me a refurbished one which kinda sucks when mine was so new. Also not sure how safe I feel having another one after that. First time I decided to splash out on a main brand phone rather than a Xiaomi.
Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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2021.12.02 10:10 wolfegumbear Crazy goat

Feeding a goat a flower will make it go crazy and will headbut everything it sees. Good for traps.
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2021.12.02 10:10 Zenwithdebby Gentle Stretches To Release Tension and Stress ❤︎ Evening Yoga Class

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2021.12.02 10:10 cantileversboxierf9 Question about NFT Valuation, Which Side does it lean on more? What makes them worth so much?

Getting into NFTs, looking at CyberPunks and stuff, how exactly are these NFTs valued? Is it more of an investment, or gamble? Since assets supposedly appreciate over time, are NFTs in the same boat?
An asset appreciates over time, are NFTs guaranteed to appreciate over time?
For example, just because this is what made me question this, Logan Paul buys certain NFTs like Bored Ape and 0n1Force, how does he know the ones he bought are going up in price? This is why I struggle to understand this as an investment but more as a gamble. I’m sure someone can explain this to me.
Also, since every NFT is unique, how does he know the EXACT one he purchased will increase in price? I did a little research and came across that offer value estimation of NFTs and I would like to know further on how such systems work until the price is determined
This is just an example, and goes for other NFTs that are smaller or even larger in price.
Please share. I'm willing to learn, thank you in advance.
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2021.12.02 10:10 Arnadus [CWAR] ⬇ Cryowar -1.66% in 5 minutes.-20.42% in 24 hours . Volume -0.66% in 5 minutes

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2021.12.02 10:09 Capital_Top_6681 Karma4karma

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2021.12.02 10:09 Svetlana1800 Under Scrutiny: How China’s New Policy Threatens the World’s 3rd Largest Foundry

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2021.12.02 10:09 nut_nut_november___ Trying to make tommy man up day 330

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