More on Asuka and Shinji's final battle in my hypothetical season 2

2021.10.20 00:58 Snowflake2828 More on Asuka and Shinji's final battle in my hypothetical season 2

Original Post with some backstory:
Shinji is on an mission to seize control of WILLE's operational headquarters. He must go through an underground cavern to reach the facility little does he know there is someone waiting for him there.
"Misato I'm approaching their operational headquarters" radioed Shinji. "Good and be careful Shinji if you get ambushed we may not be able to get you out of there". While still greatly upset over Asuka's disappearance knows he must infiltrate WILLE in order to end tensions between them and Nerv. Shinji looks around to observe the cavern. "Asuka, where are you?
Shinji's Eva gets hit from behind by some unknown enemy and hits a wall at full force "You really have some nerve coming around here, idiot..." Shinji in a daze recognizes this voice, he looks up at his Eva's interface and sees that Asuka was the one who attacked him from behind. "Asuka?? Asuka what the hell?! This must be a mistake!" says a bewildered Shinji. "Don't act surprised..." says Asuka. "Shinji what's going on, what is that thing?" shouts Misato "Colonel Katsuragi our data says Unit-01 is about to engage with WILLE's experimental weapon 'Unit-X', it appears to be a mechanized version of Sachiel. The angel's remains must have been located and stolen by WILLE's after it's defeat by Unit-01" examines Shigeru. "What?! Dammit! listen Shinji we don't have time for this, destroy that thing and continue your march to WILLE" says Misato.
"Looks like we finally get to see who's number one!"
Asuka continues to attack Shinji's unit and in the process Shinji blocks and dodges most of her attacks. Shinji is unwilling to attack knowing who the pilot is. "The invisible Shinji doesn't want to fight?!" Asuka says hysterically. "Asuka I don't want to fight!", "Well I do!" Asuka says as she lands a blow to Unit-01 in the face. "Ophhhhtt!" Shinji falls to the ground and then decides to fight back. Shinji attempts several attacks, but to no avail "Oh you missed idiot!" Asuka's mechanized angel proves to be too fast for his Evangelion.
"Colonel! Unit-01 has suffered major damage to it's torso and legs. It's S1 Battery is also almost depleted! What should we do now?!" askes Makoto. "At this rate Shinji doesn't stand a chance, this is a whole new kind of enemy, how could we allow for this to happen? Alright retreat Shinji that's an order!" commands Misato. "But, but..." questioned Shinji. "Shinji listen to me she's not one of us anymore. Retreat and we'll regroup for a counter attack at a later point". "Ikari, should we activate the dummy plug?" asks Fuyutsuki. "No I believe it will prove to be ineffective against this... creature, it would be best for him to retreat for now" Gendo replies.
"Asuka tell me why would you betray Nerv for WILLIE?! They're only using you!" Shinji shouts. "That's rich, kinda like how Nerv is only using you for their dirty work? Don't make me laugh." Asuka replies... "Before I finish you off, let me tell you something, I trained to become an Eva pilot all my life, I live to pilot, I push myself to the edge of my limits, but you just had to come along and surpass me. I was on the brink of suicide and WILLIE offered me a restoration of my pride when no one at that filth Nerv wanted to help me and that's when I made up my mind. I knew if I joined them the gap between us would soon disappear and I wanted them to return me to the way I was before we met!!" Asuka charges hard at Shinji.
Asuka and her Unit-X are dominating Shinji and Unit-01 "What's wrong idiot? Not winning as easily as you thought?!" boasts Asuka. Unit-01 topples to the ground "I never said I wanted to fight you!" an angry Shinji replies. "Hmm well you won't be winning at all" she says... "Asuka, listen to me..." grunts Shinji. "Listen to you...?" Asuka picks up Shinji's unit by the neck, brings him close to her unit's face and says "When you... NEVER LISTENED TO ME?!" She then throws the Eva across the cavern into a wall. Unit-X runs over and jumps on top on the fractured Unit-01.
"Ahhhhhh ugh!!!" Shinji screams in agonizing pain, "You never listened to me!" Asuka enraged by Shinji's words activates Unit-X's 'Beast' Mode. Her unit then grows tentacles that she uses to immobilize unit-01, she becomes even more animalistic than before. YOU NEVER DID ANYTHING FOR ME!", "YOU NEVER HELPED ME!", "YOU WOUDN'T EVEN HOLD ME!!" proclaims Asuka all while ripping Shinji's Unit-01 apart, she is blinded by rage, sorrow and hatred for her old comrade/crush. "YOU'RE NO ONE, NO ONE!! NO ONE!!!" With her true feelings for him on full display and his unit's angel core exposed she then pulls out her Eva's Progressive Knife to finish him and just before she does, Shinji in desperation (while severely injured) makes his unit caress her unit's cheek Asuka then gasps. The two freeze momentarily... realizing that he loved her all along Asuka begins to breakdown and cry...
Eva Unit-01's arm collapses on the ground and shuts down completely. Asuka notices this and puts her Unit-X in stand by mode. She runs over to his exposed entry plug and opens the exit way with her hands while burning herself in the process. She sees Shinji who is critically injured from all the fighting and heads over to him. "Looks like you finally won..." says Shinji with a bloodied smile. "Noo, Noooo, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry..." Asuka says regretfully... "If that's how you felt you shou.. have jus..." Shinji passes out.
"Shinji? Shinji...?!" Asuka says franticly. WILLIE command radios in, "Asuka, he's finished, do not forget that you still have a job to do. Rendezvous with Hikari and Kensuke, we have a world to change". "Roger that" she replied. Asuka not knowing if her old comrade is either dead or alive leaves the entry plug and as she leaves the exit way she looks back at him once more then departs.
Shinji then awakens in a hospital bed, he looks towards the window and says "Asuka..."
-Final notes-
Please remember this is just a fanfic for a hypothetical season 2 and is not meant to be taken seriously. Personally I love exploring Asushin's relationship so much that I became inspired to write this up, what is my first ever fanfic piece. I'm not making a series of this as it was just for fun, you fanfictors here are more than welcome to take what I did here and run with it. Also note with my "second season" there is no E0E. Remember to check the link above for further context.
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2021.10.20 00:58 Dullahen What is your proudest accomplishment you'll never get to tell anyone about?

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2021.10.20 00:58 bigboibogai how many near-death experiences have you had

i've been scratched by our unvaccinated cat and i still haven't died, i had Kawasaki Heart Disease when i was 4, plane started stalling when we went to japan, and our car almost slid off the side of a mountain before
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2021.10.20 00:58 xxweiwei Gura makes fun of click bait British YouTubers. (RE7 Biohazard)

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2021.10.20 00:58 rickrucksack What are you wearing right now?

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2021.10.20 00:58 daboobyada Where to join map trains?

Hi, returning player here. I'm trying to 100% my map but there are a few areas I am having trouble in. Are world trains still a thing?
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2021.10.20 00:58 mvdbutler WITH THE GOLDEN CROSS NECKLACE

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2021.10.20 00:58 indieboy55 Welcome to an alt universe where Tom/Peter meets his emo self after struggling with Tonys death...
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2021.10.20 00:58 extramayoandpickles Has anyone been told there is a soft marker on the babies heart?

I am 32 weeks, there has been a soft marker on my babies heart in the ultrasounds. I have taken the tests for genetic abnormalities and they came back 1 in 7500. So what is the soft marker? Has anyone gone through this and it was just nothing? Had anyone gone through this and there was a problem? What should I expect? The doctors just brush it off...
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2021.10.20 00:58 ProgramDeem 26 [M4F] Ohio/Anywhere - Feeling extremely lonely

I've been feeling extremely lonely (especially at night) and I don't think I'm ready for a relationship (yet), but want to feel that connection, I want to feel like I matter, like I'm cared about, and wanted. Finding anyone that seems to actually cares and shows it is incredibly difficult for me, I seem really good at finding people who enjoy using, then discarding me.
I have a ridiculously high sex drive (I get off a lot), I'd love to have someone to swap pics with (not a requirement though), I'll never push sexual stuff on you if you're not comfortable with that. Unfortunately I don't have much to offer except for constant affection, compliments, someone who'll always be there for you, and I'm told I'm really good with my words so, hopefully I can make you feel extra special as well! All I ask for in return is that you be understanding and patient with me.
I prefer texting to start, but maybe once we've gotten to know each other we can call or something. it doesn't matter where you're from, just as long as you're kind and sweet! I'd like if you sent a pic with your message, but it's okay if you want to wait for me to see you, but please tell me a little about you.
Thanks for reading.
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2021.10.20 00:58 leggohmymeggoh Happy, grateful, and finally married! Acadia National Park, October 15, 2021 🍁🍂🧡

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2021.10.20 00:58 jforkum Accusations and alibis that are proven to be lies are very revealing!

I have been writing about how the Rav4 photos and the placement of mud, blood the turn signal light and the "missing cargo liner that prevented blood from being cast onto that carpet prove that Teresa drove away from the minivan photo shoot, that the turn signal had become a danger for her if she continued driving the Rav4 home Oct31, And that she returned to the salvage yard after the interior fender mud wall shield had been modified and allowed mud to be thrown behind the bumper cavity that housed the turn signal light.
For those of you that have not understood how the Rav4 evidence photos prove these events I am providing this link\_time\_line\_of\_events\_of\_oct312005/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3
This is the point I would like to make, The photos of the Rav4 evidence and the items contained within, do indeed prove that Teresa drove back to the berm location and removed the turn signal light. When that cargo mat was repositioned and pushed that turn signal light under the rear passenger seat that had been unlatched and lifted, did she not notice the seat had remained unlatched and lifted? Did she not notice the turn signal light had been pushed under the unlatched and lifted cargo seat?
This detail in those Rav4 evidence photos suggest that the cargo mat was repositioned during a time when very little light remained! If There had been enough light to see the cargo passenger seat was unlatched and lifted and the turn signal was being pushed under it by the cargo mat as it was repositioned, would not Teresa have crawled in to the back of the Rav4 to correct the situation. The blood cast off was not on the carpet so we know that cargo mat had been repositioned shortly before Teresa was injured. We know sunset on Oct31 2005 was at 4:45PM, We also know that it takes a good hour or so after sunset for the dark of night to over take the remaining light of day. These details indicate Teresa was injured/murdered at nearly 6:00PM as that is when it is almost too dark to see on oct31 and after the daylight savings time adjustment.
NOW- the Rav4 photo evidence strongly indicates Teresa was murdered at the berm location and long after 5:00PM and had driven away from the minivan photo shoot.
I find it very interesting that BoD and BrD have both been caught in a lie that indicates Teresa remained at Stevens Trailer after the minivan photo shoot. The photo evidence proves she drove away and was alive at the berm location. BoD then says he went hunting at 2:45PM, while evidence is found suspiciously planted in and around Stevens residence that has obvious indications of having been planted. and BoD then says he returned from hunting at shortly after 5:00PM and having returned before the best prime time hunting hours end at nearly 6:00PM.
Is my curiosity misdirected when I think it odd that BoD's version of events he claims he witnessed are all proven false by the Rav4 evidence photos. Is it not odd that those same evidence photos strongly indicate the injury murder having happened at or around 6:00PM and BoD has alibied himself at home from hunting before prime time hunting would end.
It's almost as though BoD know when and where events occurred to alibi himself away from them, and knew where and what evidence would be found to indicate the person he again is lying about having remained with Teresa after the minivan phot shoot.
I for one will be checking the time when I am hunting in my deer blind this Oct31 and paying very close attention to when I have to return from my blind and at what time it has become to dark to effectively target or see deer approach.
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2021.10.20 00:58 Peacelovefleshbones PSA: How to fix transponder nodes in singleplayer (on console)

For those who don't know, transponder nodes have a longstanding bug in singleplayer where they are destroyed the next time you start up your game. This is unfortunate because they are the only way to track your tame's locations without mods (which you don't have access to on console). In my experience they sometimes do automatically get destroyed, but sometimes they don't, and I never really understood why. So recently I did a little testing, because I am adamant about being able to use these in my game.
If you go to an obelisk/mission terminal/tek transmitter and upload your character (remember to store all your stuff first) and then immediately respawn that character, and then exit your game, then the next time you open that map your transponder nodes will still be attached to your tames and will be "safe" for the foreseeable future.
I also was able to get these results by dropping a sleeping bag and using it to teleport to another bed, and then exiting and closing my game again. This also resulted in the transponder not being destroyed when I next opened my game.
It doesn't seem to matter when you respawn, as long as you remember to respawn before you exit the game after having placed any transponder nodes on your tames. Dying and respawning doesn't seem to work. I actually need to do more testing with the bed fast travel method to see if it works everytime (because it's more convenient). That's because I only tried it once and it was in the same session as trying the original uploading method, so I'm not sure if that affected the results.
The only method that I know for sure works is uploading, respawning your character, then exiting the game. If you place any new transponder nodes down and then exit normally after doing this, then only the new transponder nodes will be destroyed the next time you load into your game. So something about the upload method somehow changes the properties of the transponder nodes for some reason. I don't know.
I hope this helps.
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2021.10.20 00:58 usernamexinvalid Aztec Warrior done by Adam Goss at Alley Cat- Tucson Arizona

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2021.10.20 00:58 Mother_Custard221 Daily Wire: A Georgia Town Required Everyone to Own a Gun. Here’s What Happened.

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2021.10.20 00:58 axx123 Giannis has a better FT% than Khris

That is all
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2021.10.20 00:58 Blckhammer12 Good review!!

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2021.10.20 00:58 PigsEatWaffles There’s certain questions I would ask but they would be based on the assumption that everyone is a lonely fuck like me

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2021.10.20 00:58 ashboo- I know people already have done this but i want to know again cause obviously we have listened to the songs more so what is ur fav song from pebble brain

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2021.10.20 00:58 jillno Angústia e devaneios

Um pequeno desabafo aqui. Não sou muito de me expor nem nada disso mas, vou usar esse espaço para falar como ando me sentindo.
Eu sou uma pessoa que tem um grau de Déficit de Atenção moderado e isso de certa forma, sempre afetou minha vida, é óbvio. Eu sempre senti muito, sempre fui muito impulsivo, sempre devorei assuntos que talvez, não fizessem sentido para alguns. Como por exemplo, eu sei o porquê do Estádio Caio Martins ter esse nome. Eu sei a história do Caio Martins porque eu passei uma madrugada inteira pesquisando quem ele era ao invés de estudar para uma prova que tava vindo. Mas se você me perguntar se eu lembro como se faz uma equação, como calcula o nox muito provavelmente eu vou travar. Eu usava isso e quando não me fazia falta, minha cabeça simplesmente deletava.
Estou fazendo esse desabafo às 00:56 da noite porque eu andei tendo (e de vez em sempre ainda tenho) diversos problemas relacionados a autoestima, seja com meu corpo, com minha inteligência, como meu modo de ver o mundo, uma das coisas que mais me afetam é se fulano ou ciclano gostam de mim (porque um dia eu respondi de uma forma seca mas eu eu não quis ser seco mas quando vi, já era tarde demais) até do jeito que eu me visto, e vivo batalhando diariamente com minha cabeça. Dizendo que sou capaz, tentando me motivar de alguma maneira, tentando lidar com a minha ansiedade (o que é comum, estou ansioso quase 24/7) e eu tenho tanto pavor que isso atrapalhe alguém, que as vezes tô tento uma crise de ansiedade inacreditável e estou igual aquele meme em que o cachorro está sentando, tomando um café enquanto tudo ao redor tá pegando fogo, e ele está dizendo “está tudo bem”. Acho que a única coisa que eu sei que eu faço muito bem, melhor do que uma boa parte da população da Terra é dirigir, esse ponto positivo ninguém tira de mim.
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2021.10.20 00:58 kelsietiger Im screaming and no one is listens

I do everything for attention this time around. When I was younger. I did everything to keep it a secret. I would go through every loophole to not face people. Now, im running into every person, begging to see their face. I don’t see any features, just a blur. No response. I text a chat right in front of people begging them to look. The only time you did and i turned it away you barely cared. I told you how pathetic this was but Facebook isn’t so. The cuts on my thighs are normal enough to not earn a glance. The conversations I search for in people are mute. A silent movie. The things I used to desperately hope people wouldn’t notice I now throw in peoples faces. My worst nightmare didnt end up being my worst. Not having that is worst. Not having people fight for you when you cant fight for yourself because they gave up. You couldn’t get your shit together fast enough before their care worn off. Im not a fucking actress. I am a human being. I don’t want this silent movie anymore. Bring me color. Bring me life. Before end credits roll.
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Knowing that you can invest in the token and be safe – not having something that is a honey pot or a rug pull based upon the developers history you know you can buy in and be able to trade safely.
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Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.20 00:58 thesuperboss55 I would personally love to see the addition of necromancy-esc spells in ER! What about you guys? Why or why not?

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2021.10.20 00:58 jgeorge20 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Glenn Youngkin Campaigns in Burke, Virginia

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