the state of the game: A personal review

2021.10.20 00:52 throwaway128020 the state of the game: A personal review

I started playing Apex Legends at the end of Season 6, but it wasn't my first time playing, I first jumped out of that dropship 14 days after launch but didn't understand what people saw in the game until I visited a friend who was playing ranked at the time. I had experience with battle royale and tried it out, and to my surprise I found myself winning the game, with the one and only kill of mine being a 1v1 against the final team, I killed him with a g7 with the double tap receiver and for the first time, I saw what everyone loved about it and so I went home, started my download and jumped in. that night I pulled 5 wins and unlocked my first legend, Wattson. I've mained her to this very day a whole year later. I'll be very honest, I still don't know what I saw in this game, I probably never will but if I had to guess, it was an effective escape, I don't live in a particularly nice area and for that reason I don't leave my home, and haven't properly left my home in nearly 4 years.
past the general summary: This game played very well. and I loved it, it had a certain feel to it that had me stuck playing it every night, and as I work from home I've sometimes had the freedom to play during the day, and whenever I could, I would. But then something happened, it was Season 7 with the release of Horizon that the feeling went away, it always felt like although we had legends there was always a strong focus on shooting rather than abilities beyond escaping. until Horizon, this was the case and it wasn't so bad but then my KD went above 0.4, this was the tipping point and the game went from shooting enemies and learning recoil patterns of guns that were clearly intended to create skill gaps to getting 3 stacked by the best of the best, 6 time predator teams everywhere and I hadn't even escaped Silver yet in ranked. my public games became competitive and my ranked games became the new standard form of enjoyment so I migrated there until it started to feel like a chore and the feeling went away. I learned about SBMM, what it was and what it did and the negatives associated with it. I then realized that throughout most games employing such systems all have a smurfing problem, almost like a playerbase adapting to the shortcomings of Respawn similar to free market economy. in order to have a casual experience you NEED to smurf and in Season 6 I hadn't even heard of it.
A community shrouded in hate: one thing that always stood out to me was the community, spanning from art to video to music, even shoe designs. and that was a bonus, until I came here in search of a friend to play ranked with (which I actually found), I decided to stay here and have been in this reddit since spanning multiple accounts ALL of which are no longer able to post here. I have voiced multiple concerns and fully believe myself to be one of the biggest critics of Respawns ability or lack thereof to maintain a game for any longer than 3 years. I have posted about bugs, weapon balancing and everything in between but I've never had a post with positive votes, never and infact just two months before the release of Valk, I posted about how we needed a legend who could get around similar to a jumptower after ingame friends told me it was a good idea, but found myself downvoted and tormented in the comments, and then Valk released and I found nothing but praise in her ultimate and how great it was. I don't know what is happening but I always figured that "huh, it's the reddit for Apex Legends, they don't want to hear about the negatives, they're here because the love the game" until I started posting general things about the game and still time and time again found no luck, no support, nothing. I guess all I've ever wanted was a positive discussion, not angry digs. although I can agree that not all of my posts have used positive wording
the lack of support: I've experienced multiple issues ingame and often find myself going through support. and like most I get the same experiences and we all know what that is. I've never left support with the problem fixed, I leave support thinking "how does someone who lies so frequently get hired?" they lie, they deceive and they try whatever they can to not have to offer support. I've never found myself fighting to get support in any game until I came to Apex Legends, they are against you. and the methods that players have found to actually receive support are beyond traditional, going as far as arbitration which if you have any knowledge of, you would know is an absolutely absurd way of getting general support for a game.
the gameplay: I've said this time and time again, the matchmaking system they currently employ is not an effective way to increase engagement. and implementation of new grinds is just as effective. Mastery skins for weapons, general ingame unlocks beyond gaining legend tokens and buying legends. I want to be able to pick up a flatline and grind a flatline skin that requires 4000 total kills with to unlock. I don't want to have games that are intentionally too hard for me in order to 'chase a win', it isn't a casual experience and those who wish to have a casual experience should be able to without the terrible matchmaking experience, and those who wish to have beyond that can grind badges and mastery skins or whatever. I'm aware that this is the opinion of one man but I love this game and as much as I have a bad time playing, I find myself back because I know as much as anyone else that it has so much potential.
I guess I have so much to say I'm generally lost on how to word things and what to say. but the game has problems, lots of them and it has what I consider to be a shadow corporation making all the bad decisions for it. I may not know how to word things but all I really want is for a community of people to come along and discuss it in a polite and civil way without the shouting, sarcasm and hatred that is usually present when something as basic as me saying 'i lost an arena winstreak' is posted.
this throwaway was made after I found my posts censored in this reddit on behalf of Respawn. I was promised a community driven space and instead I got a developer regulated community who would argue to hell in support of them regardless of how badly they are treated. I love this game, I just hate what comes with it. I don't know what will come of this post and I honestly don't care, I'm signing off forever.
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2021.10.20 00:52 Smash_newblood17 Aaaaah conq así se crea el PAN de 3 leches

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2021.10.20 00:52 Ripvanwinkle991 Is there a way to ripen a open durian? If I were to conceal the meat in a closed container with banana peels would it ripen? I opened a durian cause it had mold growing on the outside and feared it would spread to the meat. I was so upset to find it unripe :(

Is there a way to ripen a open durian? If I were to conceal the meat in a closed container with banana peels would it ripen? I opened a durian cause it had mold growing on the outside and feared it would spread to the meat. I was so upset to find it unripe :( submitted by Ripvanwinkle991 to Durian [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 00:52 floyd2020 Which length suits me better? I currently have the shorter hair but might grow it out again.

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2021.10.20 00:52 nostrilrolls Computer keeps reverting back to Windows 10 after Windows 11 update

So I installed Windows 11 and restarted computer to implement the changes. During the restart, my computer would say it was reverting the changes made (back to windows 10). I've tried searching this up on google but haven't found any answers for it.
Any suggestions?
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2021.10.20 00:52 Infintely_Impossible If time slows down when subjected to new experiences, then continuously subjecting yourself to new experiences makes living feel longer...

Daily routines. Blink and 3 days go by. Go for a walk undistracted then suddenly, 30 minutes feels like 10 hours.
Is experiencing as many new things as you can a secret to living a more fulfilled life? Hmmm🤔
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2021.10.20 00:52 mirdahas What is a mint Thorens TD-124 MKII worth today?

Hi, I’m in the middle of dealing with a private seller regarding a mint and fully functional Td/124 MKII. It comes without tonearm. The plinth is old hollow one and not in a good shape but It’s not a deal breaker.
He wants $1800 from previous $2000. What should I offer without insulting the seller.
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2021.10.20 00:52 Eramiskel What’s your opinion on Wilderness Bosses having a identical/similar counterpart in non PVP areas, but the drop rate/table is great decreased?

This may have been posted before but it’s a long winded title and I didn’t know exactly what to search for. But yeah, what would you think about bosses like Callisto, Venenatis, etc. having non wilderness variants but at a greatly reduced rate? So Callisto pet is 1/2000 while the non wilderness variant is 1/5k or something similar? If anyone has any other ideas I’d also love to hear them. I acknowledge and accept that it’s the wilderness for a reason and if you go in there,you should expect to be pked, but this would just be an alternative. Please feel free to downvote, but I ask you to leave a comment why you think this would be a bad idea. I’m only asking this as I’m curious what people think.
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2021.10.20 00:52 Dangerous-Hawk16 What makes a Great War film?

There are numerous amount fo war films from apocalypse Now to Fury to 1917, and many others. Everyone has there favorite from the genre. But in your opinion what makes a Great War film. What does the film have to have to make you say yea this is a Great War film. Is it the characters, the emotions you feel, the action, the story. What makes you amazed by these films and why?
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2021.10.20 00:52 dajachung I'm sincerely curious, what made you want to work for the NSA?

As someone who already works for them, would you still want to continue to work for them? Even through what the nation and the world is going through at the moment? Do you know, that as a governmental agency, they don't do much good for the citizens? There is no future for their type of work, with their corrupt use of abilities. I hope you have a sense of how government has created society to work, a circulation of deceit and money, that only benefits themselves. If you would like to find a job based on moralities and ethics and pride, this is not the organization you want to work for. Unless you want to help overturn it from the inside out. Hence all the whistle blowers. Goodluck to all those who will and do work for government as they support its agendas. It will be internally and mentally draining.
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2021.10.20 00:52 SkippitoBandito Impossible to play on Switch since Friday

I was able to play the game on Switch with almost no issues up until Friday. Since then I have not been able to connect at all.
I get the following various errors after trying to get in again and again:
“Can not connect to server.”
“Failed to authenticate.”
“An issue occurred while communicating with the game servers.”
I would appreciate any insight on how to make the game work on Switch if anyone else is having any luck. Thanks.
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2021.10.20 00:52 alantoy Joining Tournament with high BoS% or low BoS%

When joining a tournament, do you want to join with a high BoS % around 80% or low BoS around 20% and should you bank relics before joining to get a good push?
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2021.10.20 00:52 LongjumpingAsk2172 Just a quick little post

Do I have a right to have my feelings hurt a little? Or just over reacting? My gf was posting something on Snapchat. She found while cleaning out. I come in just to have a little 2 minute talk. And she looked at me and said “okay I know you don’t think this is serious, but I’m posting something on snap, I needed a mental break from cleaning and right now is not the time to talk” it actually hurt my feelings. And please guys, be nice. Don’t be so harsh towards me.
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2021.10.20 00:52 Cheapasskyle Any way to bypass att elite hotspot?

I have already used all my 40gb hotspot is there anyway I can bypass it?
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2021.10.20 00:52 Tememachine wHat dO yOu mEaN aLleGeDlY sHoRtED 140%, wHat'S iT to YoU? MaYBe YoU sHouLd LeArN hOw MarKets wOrk.

wHat dO yOu mEaN aLleGeDlY sHoRtED 140%, wHat'S iT to YoU? MaYBe YoU sHouLd LeArN hOw MarKets wOrk. submitted by Tememachine to amcstock [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 00:52 Mateysh3112 Pixel experience android 11

I want to get PE but it says I need have android 11 on the website.... Has anyone done it before with android 10?
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2021.10.20 00:52 northwegian Har en langtidsdrøm om å kjøpe en skogstomt langs et fjell og lage en gammeldags hytte der. Har noen her erfaringer med dette?

Har ikke noen spesifikke spørsmål siden det er bare noe jeg dagdrømmer om, vil egentlig bare høre hva erfaringer og tanker folk har om dette.
Drømmen er en hytte uten strøm og vann, skal gjerne se ut som den er fra en gammel tid. Jo mer jeg gjør selv jo bedre, 50% av poenget er prosessen ved å lage den selv.
Eneste moderne jeg kanskje vil ha er en vegg som bare er et vindu, synes de ser veldig pene ut både fra innsiden og utsiden
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