2021.09.24 17:38 Albie_Games 💸

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2021.09.24 17:38 AffectionateSorbet94 Tennis questionnaire, ideally for people under 21 as my project's target audience is for the younger generation. Any submissions will be grateful.

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2021.09.24 17:38 samuenella My luckiest NXX analysis roll

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2021.09.24 17:38 Latinhypercube123 New $10 ‘service fee’ for Whole Foods delivery, anyone else get notice about this ?

Wondering if this is nationwide, city to city or a personalized shake down by Amazon
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2021.09.24 17:38 manich28 اسم این چی بود؟

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2021.09.24 17:38 Zealousideal-Roll322 Does OCD cause a lot of confusion/disorientation?

Trigger warning for mention of self injury, feelings of going crazy and obsession.
I've just come out of a wave of moral OCD and I'm slowly starting to have more control over those intrusive thoughts now and not let them influence me so much.
Only thing is, I've just been left with this feeling of almost permanent confusion, disorientation and uncertainty over literally EVERYTHING. I feel like I don't know who I am, how I should be, like what is life, what am I doing, am I doing the right thing, what's wrong with me? I feel like I'm going crazy from all this 'not knowing'. I just want to feel grounded and comfortable in myself again. I feel like I don't know anything and I am questioning absolutely everything because nothing feels normal or comfortable anymore. Everything feels foggy and slow and unknown.
Sometimes I want to just bang my head against the wall to stop my thoughts going round in circles constantly and questioning everything.
Is this an OCD thing, or maybe an anxiety thing, I don't know. Sorry this is a bit of a rant but any advice or input is appreciated.
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2021.09.24 17:38 mikebellman What did KCMO do? Only wrong answers.

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2021.09.24 17:38 HowellNightOwl [WTS][USA-IL][H]Samsung Buds Pro, Qudelix-5k, Hiby R3 Pro Saber, Sennheiser IE300[W]Paypal

Hello everyone!
I'm looking to consolidate some of my gear as my job changed recently and I'm permanently WFH. :) Will consider serious offers and if you want additional pictures I'm happy to send them! All prices include shipping in the CONUS only.
Hiby R3 Pro Saber Great sounding small and portable DAP. I've kept it in it's plastic case and taken great care of it since getting it in December 2020. Includes charging cable, plastic case, unit itself, and box. $150 PP G&S
Qudelix-5k This little unit is a beast! It sounds great, the app is fantastic, and the developers keep it up to date with fixes and features. $75 PP G&S
Samsung Bud Pro These sound great and I really wanted to love them but they just don't fit well in my ear. I've got an unused pair of Sendafit tips that I'll include with them and a Spigen 'shell' that protects the case. $100 PP G&S

Sennheiser IE300 From an old post of mine (I can remove this if this is not allowed); I'll take $220 for them w/o the balanced cable: https://www.reddit.com/AVexchange/comments/p64wnw/wtsusailhsennheiser_ie300wpaypal/
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2021.09.24 17:38 dykeidol WTT AR52 NA (user not linked) LF: ganyu+amos/skyward harp, ayaka+mistsplitter, yoimiya+thundering pulse or kazuha/xiao/kokomi offers on either EU/NA. get me rid of this. discord: rox !!#1555

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2021.09.24 17:38 harrywastakenn *wide putin music starts to play*

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2021.09.24 17:38 t_ste5k It just keeps going! More than enough time, analyst PT is $13-15.

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2021.09.24 17:38 KendrickMontero Tellor ($TRB) - Does It Have What It Takes?

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2021.09.24 17:38 WrongKielbasa Lifting Tacoma issues?

Was on Tacoma world And came across this post:
“Things to consider if you want to lift your truck.
This is not meant as a discouragement to lifting your vehicle. Please note: this is just to inform you.
If you are not willing to spend thousands of dollars, don't mess with your suspension's ride height.
Here is the scoop. If you change your ride height, you need to fix all of the suspension and driveline geometry you just threw out of whack. Non-negotiable.
Let's start with the front... Raising the front requires you to correct the roll center, camber gain, bump steer, Ackerman steering, and then an front end alignment. The first 4 cost a lot of money. Don't forget: if you have a 4wd, then you need to correct the driveline geometry you just messed up. Again, money.
Now for the rear... Raising the rear cause less trouble than the front, but you need to be diligent none the less. The most important thing you need to correct is driveline geometry. With a 2 piece driveshaft, there are a lot of angles to be mindful off. These must be corrected when lifting a vehicle. Roll center needs to be considered as well, but this is very minor. Last, a front end alignment to correct the faster you just through out. Finally, you need to test for vibrations in the driveline and correct as needed.
Failing to correct the geometry after a lift results in a realization that you paid money to make your vehicle worse. Though, to be fair, it may look a little nicer.”
Is all this true? Even for a 2” lift?
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2021.09.24 17:38 SoftRelease3955 Comic Market cool off?

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2021.09.24 17:38 IndividualDrama2005 If your school years where described with a movie title, what would it be?

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2021.09.24 17:38 Moszuito Best off ❤️️ one year fpv ❤️️ and a small motivation video for those who are frustrated at the beginning (like me at first 😊)

Best off ❤️️ one year fpv ❤️️ and a small motivation video for those who are frustrated at the beginning (like me at first 😊) submitted by Moszuito to fpv [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 17:38 AvaShade Me wearing a dress. How do I look?

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2021.09.24 17:38 FallenAphrodite I made a place for kokomi in my serenitea pot!0

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2021.09.24 17:38 AbelHale66 Capybara Whisperer Large Rodents Chiguire Purring Barking

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2021.09.24 17:38 erikibarra14 Exhaust recommendations for 2014 IS 350 that isn't a muffler delete?

I have a 2014 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport. I live in Texas so it's required by law to have a muffler. What are some good exhaust options that have a muffler and have minimal to no drone inside the car?
I plan on installing an aFe Takeda intake first, and I mostly drive my car in Sport+ mode.
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2021.09.24 17:38 FlimsyWill5608 श्राद्ध क्यों न करें

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2021.09.24 17:38 Accomplished_You_537 Am I shadowbanned?

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2021.09.24 17:38 lrjohnson314 Does Reactive Airway Disease ever go away?

Hi! I’m a 31 year old female who was recently diagnosed with RAD after bad smoke exposure from my oven. Pretty sure I inhaled plastic. It happened about a month ago and my life has been derailed ever since. I was given an inhaler by urgent care but that didn’t seem to do much. Then my partner brought home some kind of bug and she was over in in a couple of days but it totally messed me up and my lungs suddenly felt like they were barely working. I would wake up gasping and couldn’t breathe. I thought I was dying in my sleep. Certainly felt like it. Finally made it to see a pulmonologist and did a breathing test. I passed and the x ray shows my lungs as normal. He said I probably have RAD and that it will take time for my lungs to heal from that but it will go away. He also said it is possible that I could still have this type of reaction a year from now. When I first got an X-ray right after it happened they said my lungs and everything else didn’t look damaged at all. Just lots of inflammation. So my question is does RAD actually ever go away? From what I can tell it doesn’t and it can kill you. Will I always have to use inhalers? I was normal before this happened and I’m so angry at life.
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2021.09.24 17:38 liveyourlife2019 Jack Ma ,The Alibaba Billionaire,speaks at Newyork 's economic club.

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2021.09.24 17:38 haveagriponyourself Have you ever even looked at girls?!

So you all probably know theres a joke in nbly/wlw community "Have you ever looked at girls?!" and looking back lmao i literally never paid attention to girls as a girl was too stuck in heteronormative society until i platonically fell in love with a girl and entered a fucking amazing world of pretty people

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