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Luy's Lines

2021.09.24 18:11 PulseNewsMexico Luy's Lines

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2021.09.24 18:11 KosherDylan H: V2525 Handmade W: 15k or another offer

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2021.09.24 18:11 SANWARIYA5528_- There is also evidence in Gita Adhyay 9 Shlok 25 that one who worships ancestors attains to the ancestors, those who worship ghosts become ghosts.

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2021.09.24 18:11 Son_Jnow_95 Kat at the reserve

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2021.09.24 18:11 jimothy_burglary [Tech Support] Android App switches to "offline mode" whenever I lock my phone?

Hello all! I have an issue with the android app, which is that whenever I lock my phone (i.e. just turning the screen off), the app will for some reason be switched into "offline mode" when I unlock the phone, despite me having an internet connection. I can't seem to find any way to bring the app back into online mode except quitting it entirely and restarting, which is very inconvenient. Anyone know how to fix this -- either getting the app back into online mode without restarting it, or not having it go offline in the first place?
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2021.09.24 18:11 Miscu97 The italian launch of Diablo 2 Ressurrected

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2021.09.24 18:11 ilosii My SIC entered Dissapointed Crossed-Arm Mode (TM) when I left this morning.

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2021.09.24 18:11 not-my-mane sad Mandy

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2021.09.24 18:11 musictakemeaway Welcome to instacart??

Got a massage saying fill out app. Then welcome to IC. Been here since 2018
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2021.09.24 18:11 SadFaell Aetherial crown

How the hell I use aetherial crown? Always removed previous stone
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2021.09.24 18:11 gdero Help

I’m playing at the 1000 (rapid) level and consistently losing games where I’m playing in the ~60-80% accuracy range. I feel like I’m not playing that poorly. Is it normal to consistently lose to other 900s/1000s while playing at that accuracy? Is this a sign that I’m playing too passively?
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2021.09.24 18:11 gumbii_was_taken I just watched this video, which claimed that Albanian is / was a sister language of Romanian. Do you agree? And why that or not?

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2021.09.24 18:11 mycues1982 Guns and Drugs

I mean they do go hand in hand 😅 Seriously tho I don't get the decision to make patients with marijuana med cards give up this right.. a lot of these types of things drive me crazy so I try my best to keep my head out of politics or law making things. I've actually never shot a gun in my life believe it or not but I have my reasons.
Still the part I was thinking about is the fact that isn't part of the reason of having a gun to protect yourself from animals when you're out in the wilderness? I don't know about you guys but I finally got my ass moving again and hiking daily thanks to cannabis. The pain is another story but I'll get through it. Anyway if I venture out of the city parks the risk/threat of being attacked by something grows.
I almost want it to happen so I can start a fire in our states government haha.. but it's straight up bs and they know damn well that veterans and gun lovers won't give up their weapons so it's just a way of making something illegal I almost feel. Straight up bs if you ask me 😅
The other side though is it might have to do with us PTSD suffers and those that were in gun battles possibly experiencing a panic attack or something.. in my experience if I'm smoking (vaping) the right strains my anxiety and thoughts dramatically reduce though 😌 I think it should be up to dispensaries to make sure their patients are getting the right strains for themselves but that will never happen I don't think..
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2021.09.24 18:11 wluiki Hi, here is some examples of my work featured on OpenSea. They're a part of a collection called Haunted by the future, which is a project combining photography, digital manipulation and literary/historical and popular culture references. Each piece is 1/1. Have a look :)

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2021.09.24 18:11 Signal-Clue2523 Will the real goat mountain please stand up

Pretty please 😚😚😚
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2021.09.24 18:11 Luzz-Bightyear-9461 Hot take: the hand sanitizer dispensers on campus dispense too much

Like ive been washing my wrists just to get rid of the stuff
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2021.09.24 18:11 KAMsORn2 ดูเหมือนว่าจะมีคนขี้เกียจเปิดหนังสือสอบ...

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2021.09.24 18:11 gabrielcova Nunca saquen una tarjeta RAPPI CARD. A mi me inventaron cargos y me llaman desde despachos contables. Imposible arreglarlo desde su servicio al cliente. Ya denuncié ante CONDUSEF pero tomará tiempo que proceda… ha sido una pesadilla. Chequen sus redes, le roban a mucha gente.

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2021.09.24 18:11 rustriver Call For Story Submissions

Hi everyone! I am in the process of starting a show (on Youtube, so it’s visual as opposed to a podcast) in the tradition of Coast to Coast AM/Jim Harold’s Campfire and other such programs where I read aloud people’s experiences of the paranormal/inexplicable/highly strange and invite guests on to share their stories. I am hoping to get stories that span the world of the uncanny - from specters to otherworldly encounters and everything in between. For now, I am just looking for stories to read aloud, so if you do submit a story please have it written in the way you would want it to be told verbatim! If you’re interested in taking part and have a story you would like to submit, please email it to midnightvisitor1984@gmail.com!
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2021.09.24 18:11 GlobalWFundfEP Man Almost Fights His Way Into Airplane Cockpit on Flight From Boston, FBI Says

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2021.09.24 18:11 ILoveWaivers How long can a bed bug stay on a moving person?

How long can a bed bug stay on a moving person?
I work in a hospital and found out after the fact that they found a bed bug in my patients room in the other patients bed. I didn't see any bed bugs on or in my patients bed. I was in there less than 10 mins and was standing the entire time, didn't sit on anything. I did touch the bed sheets of my patient, but I was wearing a PPE gown to cover my scrubs, also had on two pairs of gloves. I did NOT have shoe covers on, nor hair protection.
After I left the room and someone told me what happened I combed my hair with a hospital comb and shook my hair out with my hands a few times. The shoes I had on in the room stay at work so those didn't come home with me. I took my scrubs home in a plastic garbage bag double knotted and they went in the wash on HOT as soon as I got home, then into the drier on hot for 2 cycles.
Could a bed bug/s have stayed on my scrubs for 6 hours with out me knowing for the rest of my shift? If they were on me would they stay on even though I'm walking around all day? Getting up and down from chairs, etc.
I had on a t shirt and shorts under my scrubs and shook my scrubs out as well as the t shirt and shorts before I went home. Just paranoid. Any advice helps, thanks!
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2021.09.24 18:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - New Brunswick appoints independent commissioner on systemic racism | Toronto Star

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2021.09.24 18:11 Puzzleheaded_Salt751 Join

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2021.09.24 18:11 commiefornicartion So the vaccinated have been blaming the unvaccinated for COVID , now is it the unvaccinated and the people with 2 shots are just as much the problem because they don’t have 3 shots?

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2021.09.24 18:11 stankmanly Gorillas shock onlookers with oral sex at Bronx Zoo

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