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2021.09.24 16:09 ProNasty47 Chawm Gibblie

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2021.09.24 16:09 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Saudi King Salman expresses hope for direct talks with Iran | Irish Times

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2021.09.24 16:09 zachariah1128 This mornings menu has $10 bounty game.. $10 reload for every player you knock out… game is ROE and starts at 11… Brunch being served at the Breakfast club… code 4Tlba

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ChocoPix of the day - Once a day, we will promote a ChocoPix and put it on sale for 24 hours at 0.009 ETH! Today is this cute ChocoPix 253! Traits: Emerald double horn (1%) Green tie (2%) - who will be its happy owner ? submitted by ChocopixNFT to NFTExchange [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 16:09 Lil-BJ best tyler album from my favourite

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2021.09.24 16:09 BedBarBath Admission Application and Packet

Took the July 21 exam, wanted to know if anyone had started their on admissions packet? Also what’s the deadline for it?
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2021.09.24 16:09 Aydiner_11 Do You Believe In 'Gravity'? (Dio By Me)

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2021.09.24 16:09 SteveBolduc Envy and Ambition Will Destroy Us — Bishop Barron

Friends, how prominent a role jealousy plays in the great literature of the world.
Think for example of Shakespeare's Iago. Think of Melville's great story “Billy Budd,”
which focuses on the effects of envy.
Think in the Bible, the story of Joseph and his brothers, how much of that narrative is driven by envy.
Or the story of Saul and David in 1 Samuel. Saul's jealousy of David drives the narrative.
How often envy, jealousy is just a powerful dynamic in human relations.
Well, what is it? What is jealousy?
My hero Thomas Aquinas, with typical pith, defines envy this way:
an irrational anger at the success of others. That's good, isn't it?
As I say, typically, Aquinas there, very to the point. Envy is an irrational anger at the success of others.
This calls to my mind Gore Vidal, the American novelist. I think great characterization of envy.
He said, "When a friend of mine succeeds, something in me dies."
Now mind you, the subtlety of that, the honesty of it. When a friend of mine succeeds.
So it's an enemy of mine or someone I don't even know, and when they succeed, I don't care.
But when a friend succeeds, something in me dies. An irrational anger at the success of others.
Remember in the “Divine Comedy,” Dante punishes the envious by having their eyelids sewn shut.
The idea is they spent their whole life looking at other people, looking at how they're all doing,
comparing themselves to others. So in purgatory their eyelids are sewn shut.
Now a very close cousin of envy is ambition, and it should be clear why.
If envy is an irrational anger at the success of others, one way to deal with that is by putting people down.
The other way is by relentlessly putting yourself up. So if you're ambitious, you're driving yourself ahead of the pack all the time.
That way you never have to face this moment of the success of someone else.
I don't have to face this. I'm driving myself ahead of them all the time.
So envy is a close cousin of ambition. Now notice something in our marvelous second reading for today.
It’s taken from the letter of James. Can I recommend —it's very short—
sit down, get your Bibles out, and read the letter of James. You can do it easily in one sitting.
Takes you ten, fifteen minutes. James is very wise when it comesto the practical affairs of the world,
when it comes to affairs of the heart.
James knows about that. Here's what he says.
"Beloved: Where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every foul practice."
Notice first he links together properly jealousy and selfish ambition.
They're like cousins. One implies the other, as I was saying. But where that exists, listen, there is disorderand every foul practice.
The great tradition refers to envy as one of the capital sins, the deadly sins, if you want.
But I like capital, from “caput,” meaning head. It means it's a kind of fountainhead of
other sins and other dysfunctions.
If I'm wracked by jealousy, I'm wracked by envy, that's going to give rise
to all kinds of nasty stuff, isn't it?
I'm going to start gossiping about other people. I mean, why do we gossip?
Well, because we want to keep people down.
We want to destroy their reputations because they might get ahead of us.
It gives rise to real cruelty. You know what I'm talking about, fellow sinners.
We'll do very cruel things precisely because we don't want someone getting ahead of us.
We might be very aggressive or we might be more subtle, like trying to destroy someone's reputation.
Yeah, envy is a capital sin from the “caput,” from the head.
As James says, there follows disorder and every foul practice.
How about ambition?
Think of all the bad things that follow from ambition.
I mean, I'll step on people if I'm driven to get ahead.
I'll cause havoc around me as I'm trying to climb the ladder.
So from these flow all kinds of bad things.
But then James makes this observation, which I think is super important.
So we're talking about these objectivities of envy
and jealousy and ambition and what they produce.
Here's what he says though.
to continue
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2021.09.24 16:09 Business_Medium_8670 How to swap bobblehead funkos

I was wondering how you swap the heads of two bobblehead funkos pops? Is it simple?
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2021.09.24 16:09 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Bord Gáis customers face higher bills as gas, electricity prices rise | Irish Times

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2021.09.24 16:09 Over-Guidance-3438 Love my boyfriend more than I can describe, and I want to apologize to an old friend (technically “ex”) for being rude. Should I even bother?

I’ve [26F] been in a very serious relationship with my boyfriend [30M] for 8 years now. I love him more than words can describe. And he loves me just the same.
I’m looking for advice… I’ve done a lot of reflecting on my life lately, and want to apologize to an “ex” for ending our relationship so abruptly in high school. I put ex in quotes because we were great friends for a while and only dated for a week because I randomly broke up with him (I was immature). Let me just say I have absolutely NO intention of being unfaithful in ANY WAY. I’m just genuinely sorry for my actions and want to apologize to this person. Is it worth it to even reach out? I’m considering asking how my boyfriend would feel about me doing this, but I don’t want him to feel like he can’t trust me. What should I do?
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2021.09.24 16:09 Endobean15 Laurene Agnew’s endometriosis took a long time to be diagnosed as Loughmacrory native aims to highlight condition that affects one in 10 women

Loughmacrory native Laurene Agnew has had endometriosis for almost two decades. She has undergone seven surgeries, been through fertility testing and treatment, experienced miscarriage, been put into a medically induced menopause twice, tried many hormone therapies and been subjected to numerous invasive examinations.
Her brother Cormac is completing a full distance Ironman for the charity Endometriosis UK, which entails a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile cycle and 26.2-mile run.
Endometriosis is a condition that can affect women of any age, where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes.
It’s a long-term disorder and classic symptoms include extremely painful period cramps, infertility, fatigue and pain during or after intercourse.
For Laurene it also involved bladder soreness, passing blood clots “the size of golf balls” and sometimes losing consciousness because of the depth of the pain.
According to Endometriosis UK, the condition affects one in one in 10 women in the UK, but it can take an average of eight years to diagnose.
Laurene got her first period aged 13 and said it was beyond painful from day one, causing her to miss days at school and quit playing Gaelic football. But her mother was always trying to get her the proper help, even though she herself never had the same painful menstrual experiences.
“Women get gaslit by medical professionals,” Laurene told the Belfast Telegraph.
“I was eating painkillers and was still always in a lot of pain. Mum had taken me to see my local GP.
“In my early teen years I was put on different versions of the pill, and they weren’t doing a lot. I was still getting pain any time I bled. When I was 16 a GP told me ‘look, periods are just painful’, and that I needed to learn how to handle it better.”
Doctors told her she was overreacting to what was “a very normal, natural thing for a woman to have”.
“My mum wasn’t happy with this, and she believed I wasn’t making it up,” Laurene added.
“She paid for me to go private and see a female gynaecologist, who kind of said the same thing: ‘Periods are painful for some women, there’s no evidence of this being anything more than that’.”
Laurene noted that in her younger years, before even being diagnosed with the condition, the effects endometriosis was having on her were mentally just as draining as the physical discomfort.
“When a specialist in the field tells you there’s nothing wrong with you, it resonates. I really internalised that and thought: ‘I’m struggling with this natural cycle that every other girl in my class can deal with’,” she said.
After being made to feel like her overly painful periods were normal, Laurene didn’t seek any more medical help or advice from the age of 16 until she was 22, saying that she basically “just got on with it”.
However, things changed when she met Chris, who is now her husband.
“We worked together and Chris moved to Canada for a year when we started going out,” she said.
“One night I woke up in the worst pain and I usually would have rung my mum or a friend to talk to me. I believe the mind is strong and you can nearly distract yourself out of intense pain by chatting to someone.
“This was three in the morning and the only person I knew would be awake was Chris.
“He asked me questions about how often this went on and I explained and said this was normal.
“He doesn’t even have any sisters, but he lived with girls in university and he had never heard of this. I think because he was encouraging me to go back to the doctor’s, I went back to the GP.”
After consulting with a new female GP and writing down every single symptom she had so as to not spare any details in her appointment, Laurene was referred to a specialist consultant who conducted keyhole surgery on her abdomen.
Professionally known as a gynaecological laparoscopy, keyhole surgery involves making a small incision to inspect the womb and fallopian tubes.
“When they opened me up my abdomen was riddled with stage four endometriosis,” said Laurene.
“It was around my uterine lining and my pelvic floor. It was thick, going deep.”
Stage four is the most severe type of endometriosis. Once diagnosed Laurene was told she would need a much bigger excision operation in which surgeons cut out all the visible endometriotic tissue in the pelvis.
Between the keyhole and excision surgeries, Laurene became extremely ill, causing her to have to drop out of the midwifery degree she was then studying for at Queen’s University.
“It got so bad, probably because they opened me up and were around the area where the endometriosis was growing,” she said.
“Chris had to carry me out of bed to the shower to wash me. I was on slow release and fast release morphine. I was in and out of hospital constantly just going into A&E for pain relief.”
One of the times she went to A&E, the now 32-year-old said a doctor refused her prescription painkillers, accusing her of lying about her pain to gain drugs.
“That was one of the most horrible experiences,” she revealed.
After the excision surgery Laurene thought that would be the end of her troubles with endometriosis. But three months later her period returned — along with the pain.
She said the consultant that had performed the surgery was adamant “nothing was wrong with her”, so she paid for another consultant, who she still sees today, and who helped her with fertility treatment that led to the birth of Laurene and Chris’s two children, Ellie and Alex.
Laurene had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with her second child, whose birth was also quite traumatic. Three months later, aged only 31, Laurene had a hysterectomy, meaning her uterus was surgically removed.
Despite having no womb Laurene’s cyclical bleeds returned due to her ovaries and she needed yet another surgery.
“This is one of many reasons Cormac and I are raising awareness for endometriosis,” she said.
“One of the continuous things women are told is that a hysterectomy is a cure for endometriosis. I think it’s very flippantly banded about by medical professionals.
“It’s a significant, emotional thing to do to a woman. The flippancy with which it is mentioned doesn’t recognise the importance it deserves.
“Women are being given false hope with that information. What women need and deserve is the correct care.
“When they’re having excision surgery the surgeon needs to be extremely skilled and they need to be open-minded enough that when the patient comes back to them for more help they will give them help, instead of brushing them off.
“If I had initially been sent to the correct specialist they could have removed it all.”
Cormac is raising money for Endometriosis UK, which provides support groups, help, information and online trackers for people dealing with the condition.
But first and foremost, Laurene says their main priority is starting the conversation around endometriosis.
“Hopefully someone will read this and mention it to their work colleague, aunt or sister, or someone in their lives. People don’t talk about it enough.
“I didn’t know when I was 13 that having a painful period was abnormal. I didn’t know when I was 16 and I didn’t know when I was 20.
“For a decade I believed I was alone, and I just wasn’t coping well. If we can take my experience and some teenager reading it now can realise this isn’t normal and they have a right to ask for help, that is what they should be able to do.
“This isn’t just a topic for women and that’s why Cormac is involved. He’s been a wonderful advocate for me. Men need to know they have sisters, wives, mothers and girlfriends — it’s important they get involved in the conversation. Only when we normalise it among everybody will the younger generation be comfortable talking about it.”
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2021.09.24 16:09 nbo10 Chain recommendation

I have a 2020 Lamire with 4WD, and going to be traveling around the Sierras this fall. You all have any recommendations for a bran of chains?
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ChocoPix of the day - Once a day, we will promote a ChocoPix and put it on sale for 24 hours at 0.009 ETH! Today is this cute ChocoPix 253! Traits: Emerald double horn (1%) Green tie (2%) - who will be its happy owner ? submitted by ChocopixNFT to NFTblocks [link] [comments]

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2021.09.24 16:09 BirdBuddi Template for missing person posts, please use this format: NAME, LOCATION, DATE GONE MISSING, ANY ADDITIONAL INFO

In an effort to organize the information in this sub, let's use this format for titles of missing person posts.
First the person's name, then their location, then the date they went missing, followed by any additional information you want to include in the title.
Thank you!
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