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Boston Globe Preview: Adam Rapp’s ‘The Sound Inside’ reverberates with a sense of dread

2021.09.24 17:00 Wizenedwombat Boston Globe Preview: Adam Rapp’s ‘The Sound Inside’ reverberates with a sense of dread

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2021.09.24 17:00 ExpertAccident We are all different

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2021.09.24 17:00 No_Drummer_5442 join

join and see waht this is about
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2021.09.24 17:00 winningwriters [POEMS] [LOVE, EROTICISM AND INTIMACY] Oct 18, 2021: Palette Poetry Love & Eros Prize (Fee $20 for up to 3 poems; awards $3000 and publication)

From the organization website:

We’re delighted to offer the inaugural Love & Eros Prize for 2021: $3000 and publication! Love engulfs us, desire rules us. We encourage love poems beyond the confines of what’s traditionally “romantic.” Rather, we’re seeking unflinching examinations of our sharpest human sensations—those of desire, longing, devotion, and intimacy. All iterations of love are welcome—send us your bitter and your sweet, your queer, platonic, reverent, and devotional.
Palette's editors will choose the ten finalists and any honorable mentions that warrant extra attention. Our judge will then select the winner and runner-ups. Second and third place winners will receive $300 and $200, respectively.
The winner will be selected by this year's guest judge, Kaveh Akbar, author of Pilgrim Bell (Graywolf, 2021).
Contest details
Guidelines and submission information (Organization's contest page)
This contest has been vetted and approved by Winning Writers
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2021.09.24 17:00 Realistic_Let2590 I created this sub reddit just so I could say this

(Im from Brazil so sorry if my grammar is bad)
Yesterday my mom traveled to see my aunt in her b-day, firstlly an accident happened in my town's exit and she was stuck there for like 20 mins, after that evrything was ok, she leaved the party at 1:30 pm and well, she was stuck again, this time for an hour and a half cause a man wanted to comit (jumpoffbridge) cause he was under drugs and killed his 13yo and now is in prision.
while she was there she turned off all the nlights in the car eccept one, the back lights, then she wanted to get out of there cause the man was alredy being arrested.
the car had no battery so she walked to a nearby mechanic, 20 mins in the car after that they came with the battery... the wrong battery, then she waited 15 mins more and they came with another battery (this one was right) and she got ready to drive home again.
when she was close to our appartament, a man crashed with a truck in our street, my mom couldnt do anything now, so she parked the car and came home, after all of that accident was over, she walked back to the car... and there were no more wheels on our car, and she payed R$200 for new wheels, then she drove back home.
she spent R$1000 in total
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2021.09.24 17:00 Aliciaguaf Desahogo triste o de enojo

Cada cierto tiempo se dará permiso de sacar las cosas malas que nos suceden, para que varie un poco la dinámica y no se nos quede nada guardado.
Preferiblemente especifiquen si solo es un desahogo o si también quieren un consejo, porque hay veces que solo queremos que nos escuchen sin que nos digan nada.
Si es un tema sensible igual lo pueden compartir, pero todo con respeto, y hablando de respeto, no le digan a alguien "mucho texto" porfavor.
Gracias por leer, yo también los estaré leyendo. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
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2021.09.24 17:00 AutoModerator qandtim every day

qandtim every day
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2021.09.24 17:00 cr34m-fucking-soda swc ares?

right, so, not long ago i saw swc ares in my daily bundle and ofc i had to buy it. now that i think about it, shouldn’t swc ares only be in divine chests? i may be wrong, just assuming
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2021.09.24 17:00 AutoModerator Daily discussion post: questions, skills, shopping, and gear

Welcome to the daily discussion thread! This is a place for quick questions and anything that might not otherwise merit its own post.
Specifically, this thread is for:

Posts that fall into the above categories will be deleted and redirected to this thread.
You're also welcome to share your social media handle or links in this thread.
We also have some great resources available:
Thanks, and stay safe out there!
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2021.09.24 17:00 AutoModerator 210924 - VocalRACHA Appreciation Day

VocalRACHA sweetening your Saturday
Our two talented maknaes combine to gift us with VocalRACHA. With My Universe as their first song, we hope to see more of them together in the future!
Leave all and anything you love about 3RACHA in this thread! It can be photos, videos, a huge wall of text or just a simple sentence. Appreciation is appreciation!
Please keep our Privacy rule in mind! If you're lost for words, the following might give you inspiration:

  1. Your favourite VocalRACHA moment/song
  2. What you love about their voices/singing
  3. A stage that mesmerised you
  4. Literally anything else you appreciate about them! Their committment, vocal tones or how Jisung is part of VocalRACHA ?
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2021.09.24 17:00 pompomcoupons VitaBalance Collagen Complex Dietary Supplement Sale [25% Off]

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2021.09.24 17:00 kaiwondid Yellow tint on iPhone 13 Pro. Here we go again.

Here we go again. Apple with round 2 of dump the defective displays lottery. All the text is yellow and dingy colored. Good luck with Apple RNG machine 2021. I hope you guys played in 2020 as well.
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2021.09.24 17:00 DannyScooter Rakuten Cashback - Rakuten Joining Bonus - $30 -Rakuten shopping cashback - 100% working

Rakuten is where you can get Cash Back for shopping at over 2,500 stores. Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending you their way, and Rakuten shares the commission with you as Cash Back.
· · Use the above link to Join Rakuten and get $40 for when you spend $40.
· · Get extra cashback (2%-10% in Rakuten account every time when you shop online through Rakuten)
· · Transfer cashback to your PayPal account.

1. · Add the item to your shopping cart
2. · Create a Rakuten account using the above link
3. · Search "Store Name" (e.g. Samsung in Rakuten)
4. · On Rakuten on Samsung's webpage - Click on "Shop Now"
5. · It will take you to the Shopping Cart- Complete the transaction
6. · Check Rakuten Account for Shopping trip
7. · Rakuten Account will be updated with cashback in 1-2 days.
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2021.09.24 17:00 carenciasc4 I have Tai Lopez - MentorBox Course

I have Tai Lopez - MentorBox Course.
If you have any questions or want more information regarding Tai Lopez – MentorBox Course you can contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message
Telegram Username: storeaccess
WhatsApp/Viber - +359885455257
Disclaimer: This is information post only.
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2021.09.24 17:00 oldspell99 STOP RIGHT NOW

Stop scrolling the feed mindlessly! Have a nice day
Offline stuff you can intentionally do
Followers of this sub get this message periodically
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2021.09.24 17:00 Leading-Blueberry-31 TOP Funniest animals Video😹😹 | best of the best 🙈 | Funny pet🐏

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2021.09.24 17:00 ENHYPENmodteam Weekly Discuss-EN! 25 September, 2021

Please use this thread for casual discussions. Come talk 😊
Keep in mind the rules here and you'll be fine.
Hopefully helpful links:

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2021.09.24 17:00 Leading-Blueberry-31 Hilarious Animal Videos | Funny Moments😂

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2021.09.24 17:00 TidyCompetition Nexo - Get a Free $10 in Bitcoin when you put $100 worth of Bitcoin in a savings account

Nexo is really easy to use cryptocurrency service that focuses on paying users interest on their digital assets, including Bitcoin through their interest
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It is a great time to take advantage of Nexo's offer and maximize your crypto gains!
Here links to more info about the BlockFi offers:
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  1. Sign up for an account with My Referral Link
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  4. Start earning interest
  5. Keep your full deposit in your Next for for at least a month or until your get you interest payment day to qualify you for the bonus.
  6. Share your referral link . You can refer up to 100 users (both referee and referral get the $10 Bitcoin bonus).
Make sure you complete sign up in days or the offer will expire! Remember is takes 30 days for the reward to be processed.
If any one has any questions I would be happy to help. Comment below or send me a PM :)
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2021.09.24 17:00 carenciasc4 I have Tai Lopez - Real Estate Program

I have Tai Lopez - Real Estate Program.
If you have any questions or want more information regarding Tai Lopez – Real Estate Program you can contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message
Telegram Username: storeaccess
WhatsApp/Viber - +359885455257
Disclaimer: This is information post only.
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2021.09.24 17:00 clip_mirror_bot Dono destroys Nick

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2021.09.24 17:00 OfficerTruth Trading Psychology Tip

“A peak performance trader is totally committed to being the best and doing whatever it takes to be the best.
He feels totally responsible for whatever happens and thus can learn from mistakes.
These people typically have a working business plan for trading because they treat trading as a business.”
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2021.09.24 17:00 AutoModerator Frisky Friday Discussion Thread

Happy Frisky Friday, hunnies!
Here is our weekly discussion thread for things that don't warrant their own post.
Please remember the rules! Thanks!
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2021.09.24 17:00 ChaosGacha Weekly reminder!

Weekly reminder that you are all valid, there is and are people that care for you and that you are loved. I support you and your choices. You're not too 'masculine' or 'feminine' to be on the non binary spectrum and can wear whatever the hell you want. You can and will get through the horrible, depressing times, because there's always light at the end of the tunnel, waiting for you.
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2021.09.24 17:00 Leading-Blueberry-31 Laugh! laugh! best funniest pet ever! 😹😹 | funny cats🐈 and Dogs 🐶 | funny animals🐾

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