'Midnight Mass' review: "Haunting of Hill House's' Mike Flanagan delivers Netflix a creepy horror series that's a bit too long winded

2021.09.24 16:44 NewsElfForEnterprise 'Midnight Mass' review: "Haunting of Hill House's' Mike Flanagan delivers Netflix a creepy horror series that's a bit too long winded

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2021.09.24 16:44 MyNameGifOreilly Driveway Cake is best cake

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2021.09.24 16:44 dfnxINC Yeah, I got bored at school...

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2021.09.24 16:44 iMrEdog Lol… this was so funny to watch. Two Endys pretty much doing damage and healing, with no sight of the end of the fight lol. I’m glad there’s a time limit now 😂

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2021.09.24 16:44 MysteryLands Cannot wrap text around an image no matter what I do

I've followed all of the tutorials I can on this, but I can't get it to work. I've been ok with the blocks editing style, but things like this are frustrating.
I click "align left" on the image, but the text directly below it does not wrap around the image. All of the latest tutorials have this working, but it doesn't for me. I tried "Media and Text" but that's not the look I want for this image.
I'm using the Astra theme.
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2021.09.24 16:44 -_-er Spaceghostpurrp forgives playboi carti 🙏🙏🙏

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2021.09.24 16:44 Lollipop_foxes A weird collab

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2021.09.24 16:44 SuperALLL What’s your definition of a “quality” woman and “quality” man?

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2021.09.24 16:44 MagicalIcecorn Roommate moved out today with barely a goodbye

I thought we were good friends. We used to sleep together and things got complicated, so stopped. But we remained good friends. Me and my other roommate tried to do something like leaving drinks for him but he wasn’t even bothered. He ended up leaving with a brief hug and goodbye and that was it. Idk I just couldn’t believe it was all over like that. He said previously he would miss me and keep in contact etc but the ending was just so sudden and I feel shitty :(
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2021.09.24 16:44 Ktxco Im stimmed up and ready to burn.

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2021.09.24 16:44 SparkyMcKenzie I was watching a random YouTube video, and I saw this lady has a widget in the top left of her screen. Anyone know how I can get this too?

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2021.09.24 16:44 XYoshiaipomX Dropping hints

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2021.09.24 16:44 mysticYarrow The overall appearance looks perfect to me, I can't even pick out the shortcomings. Btw it's a gift. How is it for you? 💛

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2021.09.24 16:43 Weird_Entertainer637 Hi runners, help me out with this injury please : )

So, im 18 and i started running regularly approximately 8 months back, ive always been into soccer and play for my local club as well, and 2 years ago i got severe shin splints during training. When i started running in Feb, the same shin splints pain returned within a month of regular 4 mile daily runs.
I got infected by the Covid-virus shortly after and had to rest for a month which i considered to be a recovery period for the shin splints alongwith recovery stretching but 4 months down the line, The pain is still there and returns almost everytime i try to increase my pace. How do i reduce the pain or treat the injury is my concern.
Any sort of tips/advice is appreciated : )
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2021.09.24 16:43 apope71603 L A N A

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2021.09.24 16:43 Pitusas123 Fue dylan

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2021.09.24 16:43 BomBoClaaaTman withdraw problems

Hello, i just withdraw the money i deposited in the ANC-UST vault and it has disappeared. the money should have gone to this wallet address terra136c2vagwfgsnfc8gh6s8mpaqt2qfaydjkw849z
Can someone help me verify it? i get confused with all the addresses appearing there.
These are the transactions details. https://finder.terra.money/columbus-4/tx/16A98B5AB9220AA111A9966FE5960F10D9881149A04E6ED9B44B2FCDCAF7A97F
thanks in advance
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2021.09.24 16:43 Beachtory Canada - Panama tickets 13 Oct.

As of Friday 10:30 AM EST, the lower bowl of BMO is sold out. That is way faster than the prior two games. Interest is building it seems.
Capacity is limited to 15k as per covid restrictions. That said, later on today (friday) there is a press release planned in Ontario to potentially increase capacity. Twitter comments imply the increase is being driven by Blue Jay playoff drive demand.


📷 Randy Rath @rath_randy
Breaking: CMOH Dr. Kieran Moore will announce increased capacity limits at 2.30 today. Huge news for sports fans. #onpoli
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2021.09.24 16:43 fratbruhh Rubbing when wheels are turned all the way? My set up isn't even that crazy, any explanation for this or is this normal?

When you all talk about rubbing, is when the car is going straight only?
Car: Mk6 R
Suspension: Completely stock
Rims:18x8.5 Neuspeed RSe11R,
Tires : Michelin pilot all seasons, 235,40ZR18

When i turn my wheels 100% and go super low speed, I can hear rubbing or some sort of friction. Is this normal? I dont think it is. Thanks
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2021.09.24 16:43 Upper-Palpitation-39 I(25m) am contemplating breaking up with 2 year roommate gf(25f)

This post kind of shines a bad light on my girlfriend as a person, so don’t think there aren’t any good times. I only talk about the shitty things she does. I love my girlfriend, we do have a connection and shared interests and generally enjoy spending time together. I just need another perspective from people completely outside my life to help me figure this all out.
We have been together almost 7 years now and living together just over 2. Since living together things haven’t been great. We fight more and more these days, and the fights seem to be getting nastiest and nastier. I feel myself growing distant and dismissive.
She is a special Ed teacher in a low income school and has a very stressful job. She almost always comes home upset and frustrated about her day. I always listen and chime in when I feel I can, but after about 30 or 40 minutes I feel myself tune out. That’s when she starts to get frustrated with me. She’ll find things in our apartment or life that bother her and pin them on me.
It starts with little things like crumbs on the counter or a couple of hairs in the bathroom sink, which I know is my bad; but, I’m not as meticulous of a cleaner as she is. She’ll be telling me about her day and then be up in arms that I have an empty seltzer can (from minutes before) next to my computer that I haven’t thrown out. I try hard to make sure everything is spic and span when she arrives every day, but I really don’t enjoy the stress it gives me when she arrives and cleaning before.
Personally I don’t think I’m a messy person, but my gf has slight ocd about how clean the apartment is. She gets anxious about one or two fruit flies saying we need to get an exterminator.
Anyways, the cleaness of the apartment turns into oh you were just sitting around all day and you couldn’t do XY or Z, but I was working all day. I occasionally run errands during my workday but only once or twice a week. she expects me to run her errands the day she mentions them, and if I can’t deliver, it often becomes fuel for the fight later that day.
I try to meet her needs but it is almost never enough. Personally I can’t embrace that negativity every day and diffuse it. Sometimes I feel like she drains my ‘battery’ just so she can feel good.
She is a very picky person, so she makes most of the decisions. I gave her the pants in the relationship b/c I’m down for anything, but she still gives me shit for not making ‘decisions’. When I try to choose where to go to eat, or what vacations we should we go on, what to do that day etc… 9/10 times she doesn’t like the idea, but not because it’s ridiculous (I’m not asking to go on vacation to Ibiza or go out to dinner at Wendy’s), She just personally doesn’t want to do almost all of the things I propose, which is fine. It gets frustrating though, when I throw 10 ideas for dinner at her and none of them stick. Then we end up going to the same 3 restaurants she likes, and she complains she wants to try something new.
She gets upset when I leave for work trips and I’m never met with a happy gf when I return. She feeIs abandon in our apartment when I leave.
I work freelance as a cameraman/ editor and have a fairly low stress job that i can work from home for. I have many random business trips once or twice a month that do you require me to leave for a couple of days. Whenever I leave, she gets very lonely. She doesn’t have anyone to see near us and all she finds time to do is watch tv/ tictoc and clean. We live near to where I grew up, so my friends are the only people we see socially. She doesn’t see eye to eye with most of my friends, and has her limits on the amount of time she can spend with them before picking little fights about her beliefs compared to theirs. Most of Her closeted friends live where she grew up 2 hours away or across the country. Whenever an opportunity to see one of them comes up I am always happy to come along, and her friends all enjoy my company (I can’t say that about my friends and her)
Her relationship with my parents isnt great either. It isn’t bad, but they aren’t hanging out on the weekend when I’m gone (which I know both my mom and gf would enjoy).
I come from an upper class family she comes from a working class. My gf feels talked down to whenever we interact. I try to agree with her perspective, but she often oversteps how she talks about them, making me upset. My parents talk about going on vacation in different country’s or to shows in the city and she feels awkward bc her family doesn’t have the same experiences. I don’t feel like my parents are trying to brag or anything, they just talk about what they were doing in the last few weeks. I understand her perspective but it’s just how I was raised so I don’t see anything wrong with it.
In the height of the pandemic we didn’t see anyone else for a few months and both worked from home. Cabin fever was setting in and the fights got pretty bad. She would get physical, hitting me (not punching), or physically blocking me from leaving the apt for a walk to cool down. I never fought back, only restrained her so she couldn’t keep hitting me. More than once she has asked “if you don’t like it then break up with me”. Which I don’t know how to answer besides I don’t think I want to break up but I don’t want to be talked down to about my job, parent and friends. I feel that she says it to push me away so I pull her closer and say “no everything’s going to be ok” but that’s not how I feel. I don’t think she will change her behavior. I have brought up her attitude and tell her about the things she does that are hurting my feelings both in arguments and normal conversation. I have told her she should see a therapist, but don’t want to push it too hard and make her get defensive. I care about this girl and don’t want to hurt her even though I’m not sure if she feels the same about me.
Anyways what I’m asking is, should I stay or should I go. Breaking up wouldn’t be that bad on my end. I would live with my parents for a few months and still have a social circle. My gf doesn’t have anyone down here. Leaving her would break her heart, and I know that’s not a good reason to stay, but I don’t like making other people feel bad.
Feel free to get some more insight, if you have any questions please ask.
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2021.09.24 16:43 OpenTheBible Is NFT Gaming the Future of Online Entertainment?

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2021.09.24 16:43 lostpanda85 Oh god no

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2021.09.24 16:43 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 16:43 AssMaskGuy25 Grenade Idea: Willie Peter

Is this a sick joke or something? 75% yes.
Literally white phosphorous. Happy war crime time, guys!
Now if this actually gets added, you get to commit actual war crimes! Stat ideas:
Unlock rank: 175
Blast Radius: 50
Lethal Radius: 10
Damage: 100-5-1/sec.
Range: 10-25-50 studs.
Creates an instant cloud of thick, toxic white smoke within 25 studs and expands to cover 50 studs over a 5 second period of time. Goes away after 15 seconds.
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2021.09.24 16:43 ThrasherJames NASCAR attractions around Talladega

Me and my friend are heading down to Talladega next weekend and never being to a race here, is there anything NASCAR related in the area to go/see? Like stores, restaurants, etc?
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