7 Days To Die - LockDown EP31 (Pastor Glock)

2021.09.24 16:38 gatvolvirkak 7 Days To Die - LockDown EP31 (Pastor Glock)

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2021.09.24 16:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/louisiana-state-trooper-charged-pummeling-black-man-80195945

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2021.09.24 16:38 chrisor97 [Xbox One] 2K The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour - Xbox One is $7.73

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2021.09.24 16:38 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Adison Justis

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2021.09.24 16:38 No_Paleontologist504 "Fascism is cool when you're not the opressed"

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2021.09.24 16:38 romain34230 Google Pixel 6 : un futur tueur en photo ?

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2021.09.24 16:38 MajorParadox Batman Beyond Rewatch - S3E7 & S3E8 "The Call: Part 1 & 2"

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2021.09.24 16:38 DOMINUS_3 Starting Bleach

Wanted to know if there was an English translation of an official digital colored ? Please & Thanks
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2021.09.24 16:38 TsingJyujing 因建微信群教人做礼拜群主被判 2 年,冤在何处。

今天看到群主被判 2 年,因建微信群教人做礼拜,讲经!我的吐槽之魂又忍不住了,这就是一桩冤案,我今天就来告诉大家冤在何处,我也不是什么法学专家罗翔,有错误的话欢迎补充斧正!
首先一审判决定的是聚众扰乱社会秩序罪,因为是在网络上,是不是聚众都不好说,我们就算类推解释可行,可是并没有扰乱社会秩序! 于是打回重审的意见提到了这一点,并且贴心的找了个新罪名:

微信群也好或者网络论坛之类不在能申办的宗教场所之列,所以说被告没去申办场所本身就很滑稽。 其次,虚拟空间不是场所很早就讨论过:解释学视野下的“两高关于网络谣言的司法解释”第五条的分析一个较为科学合理的刑法解释都讨论过,意见很专业,我就不画蛇添足了。
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2021.09.24 16:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://apnews.com/article/china-oceans-overfishing-squid-294ff1e489589b2510cc806ec898c78f

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2021.09.24 16:38 Lord_Justus ich_iel

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2021.09.24 16:38 Negative_Guarantee_7 First order through wegobuy and got emailed this anyone know what it means?

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2021.09.24 16:38 James_Ogre Manni pilot

If your mech loses 10% hp and gets the damage bonus, and you repair the hp, do you retain the damage bonus received from the previous loss?
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2021.09.24 16:38 DeathByPolka 💦🚀THIS WEEK ABOARD THE CUMROCKET (09/17/21-09/24/21)💦🚀

ALL INFO AS OF 10:24 AM (US Eastern TZ) 09/24/21
💰 Wallets: 137,585 ➡️ 137,371
🔥 Burnt: 1,150,510 over the last seven days
💸 Circulating: 1,317,679,965 ➡️ 1,316,529,455
💦🚀 NEW CR LOGO! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/825033155613425735/889857869011361842/Badge_Variation_1.png
💵 FIAT ON-RAMP IS HERE! https://twitter.com/CumRocketCrypto/status/1440739923703709708
📈 HOW CAN YOU INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR NFTs? https://mobile.twitter.com/CumRocketCrypto/status/1441129586910138369?s=20
💻 SNEAK PEAK OF THE NEW MARKETING SITE! https://twitter.com/CumRocketCrypto/status/1441170223894306816?s=20
💁‍♀️ PER LYD IN DISCORD: “Hey guys! Everyone is eagerly awaiting our v2 release and we can’t wait to release it either. As I explained before, after our new dev team arrived, they spotted a huge opportunity in changing both the framework and the marketplace contracts. So that’s what we did because it allows us to build a solid foundation and will better set us up for success in the future. However a side effect of this means that we have to submit these new contracts to be audited again before we can allow any real money to pass through to ensure it’s all safe and properly tested. We need a bit more time (days not weeks) before we can submit them then it will take up to 2 weeks for the audit company to return our results. This is the list that we are specifically working on before we can send them off: [ ] Fix secondaryCummies to add up to the divisor [ ] Add customizable divisors to distribution arrays. check that numbers add up, and divisor is no more than 1 billion (fits in uint32) [ ] allow customizing cummies address, liquidity address (owner only) [ ] add a guard to prevent any item being listed for sale for over 1 (+30 zeroes) wei. most everything has 18 decimals so this is 1 trillion. [ ] Need to prevent resale of NFTs until the primary sale is completely finished.
We are making amazing progress everyday, and functionality like the chat feature will come sooner than expected. We are gradually onboarding models. So far we have ~100 models with accounts, whom we have been doing internal testing with, as well as listening to their feedback to improve the user flows. We are now almost ready to invite a wider group of models who will begin onboarding in the upcoming days (1.1k+ have registered their interest with us!). On top of this, we are actively reaching out to new models to ensure that CumRocket is becoming more widely recognised within the adult community, so far around 100 new models (from a diverse background) have been contacted!
Everyone will start with being able to view the explore page (list of creators/model profiles). Due to us needing the audit before we can open up NFT sales, to avoid confusion and to allow time for models to upload their NFTs (lazy minting, these get minted upon purchase), we are going to keep the NFTs on the platform a surprise however you will be able to see many of the models who have boarded the CumRocket on the explore page! We will let everyone see that this month
We appreciate everyone's patience and we hope you can appreciate the reasons why we must ensure we are doing things properly and the time we have been dedicating to this (our dev team have been putting in WORK to turnaround a brand new platform and marketplace contracts that fast). We also added 3 new devs. Not long now cumrades, the wait will be worth it
Other updates: As you can see our socials have been a lot more active with posting everyday which we plan to stick to New marketing website design is being finalised, we are working on the copy currently Whitepaper redesign is is full swing too Once we have our new website, platform and whitepaper we can market a whole lot more effectively. The more professional image we have the more exchanges will take notice too, we plan to approach bigger exchanges after this. We also plan to bridge to other chains to increase exposure to buyers
💁🏻‍♀️ UPDATE FROM EMILY IN DISCORD: “Product Update: Hello CUMMIES enthusiasts
Chat functionality is almost complete, we are going to start using it internally shortly, and will be available at launch, which is an additional income channel for creators
Pre-minting NFTs will be available before the launch of the platform so creators can be prepared when the NFT minting contract passes the audit
The NFT minting contract is in the final stages of testing before the audit
We've started defining creator analytics to help them optimize their time and target sales
Our internal moderation tool is in place to protect our creators and their ability to make money from the start by maintaining the quality of content on our platform
Auction functionality for original mint sale and resale UI is completed and in development
A robust media management tool is being built to be the best available to creators out of any platform
A full set of creator admin tools are in progress to support all of the functionality we will launch with and going forward to enable them to manage their content easily
New creators are onboarding every day! We will announce the big stuff as it comes, we promise. LFG!!!
P.S. If you don’t follow us on twitter and instagram, I highly recommend it. The last AMA was live on instagram exclusive with Lyd and is still available to watch!
Please complete the following daily tasks today and every day!
✅CMC WATCHLIST✅ 1️⃣ Go to https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cumrocket 2️⃣ Make sure CumRocket is added to your watchlist
🏆 Let's get Trending on DexTools! 🏆
Follow these steps daily for huge impact:
• Click Twitter icon - Follow - Retweet
• Click Site icon - Navigate to the CumRocket Website - Can close window
• Click Telegram icon - Can close Telegram
• Navigate to DexTools Homepage - Search CumRocket - Repeat 2/4 times - Add to Favourites - Can close window
✅COINGECKO✅ 1️⃣ Open CumRocket on Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/cumrocket 2️⃣ Vote "GOOD"
‼️Search for CumRocket on Google‼️ https://www.google.com/search?q=CumRocket
‼️Follow, Like, Comment, Retweet on Twitter ‼️ https://twitter.com/CumRocketCrypto
‼️Follow, Like, Comment, Upvote on Reddit ‼️ https://www.reddit.com/CumRocket
Vote 👍 https://coinmooner.com/coin/356
Thanks for helping us to secure the #1 Adult token in the world 🥇
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2021.09.24 16:38 davy0880 Azelf raid on me 1548 5443 4231

Stay online, going ASAP
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2021.09.24 16:38 RashidaAndersen Enthusiast Gaming just announced initial release of their new invite only project, called Project GG Alpha

Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Ltd., just gave an update on "Project GG," this will be a cross-platform, gaming-centric social network, bringing together gaming and esports fans on desktop and mobile. Enthusiast has deployed an initial release of the project, called Project GG Alpha, it's currently by invite only.
The project is aimed at delivering customers a more complete fan experience with targeted, and personalized products, the company hopes this will propel them towards becoming a technology-powered, media, esports, and entertainment company. Gamers will be able to create unique gamer profiles, custom content feeds (integration with Xbox Live, Steam and Battle.net), library of 10,000+ games, social media integration, matchmaking and discovery and trust and accountability ratings. It will initially be aimed at the english speaking gaming market.
In Q2 this year their media and content platform generated about 10.4 billion views. they have over 500 gamers and influencers on their roster and will be monetized through targeted advertising, premium content, subscription offerings, and web/in-app purchases.
The beta version of the project should be released in early 2022.
Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/enthusiast-gaming-launches-project-gg-110000216.html
This is not investment advice.
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2021.09.24 16:38 chrisor97 [Xbox One] FIFA 20 Standard Edition - Xbox One is $4.00

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2021.09.24 16:38 ParsleyPalace Is it possible to have COVID and NOT have a fever?

I tested positive at work, and as soon as I got word, I've been taking my temperature constantly. It's always been 98.4. No deviation. No symptoms, maybe something vague, but definitely not something I would have noticed otherwise.
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2021.09.24 16:38 chiseikomatsu [FOR HIRE!] OPEN FOR DIGITAL ART COMMISSIONS. Swipe for more samples. Thank you!

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2021.09.24 16:38 gonnabeokiebiscoot Hello i have a question where i can get the Rider Waite tarot deck, i live in the Philippines and so far I’ve only checked fullybooked which is sold out..any filipinos pls let me know

I would like to buy that specific deck for my mom’s birthday and i don’t know any reliable stores other than fullybook. If you know please let me know..otherwise yall can suggest me another deck that could be good aswell
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2021.09.24 16:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/abc-news-executive-chris-cuomo-harassed-80208233

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2021.09.24 16:38 Comyu Why is this not past tense? Visitait or something like that

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2021.09.24 16:38 Exisential_Crisis Lonis Round 2: Electric Boogaloo

I posted a few weeks back about brewing a Lonis deck list, but I ended up unhappy with it, because (to me, at least) it felt fairly unfocused. I re-brewed the deck from scratch, and ended up with a similar deck list, but I feel much more proud of it. Would any of you have a recommendation on what I can do to improve it? I don't really have a strict budget for this one, and I have a few of the expensive cards already.
Here it is
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2021.09.24 16:38 mR-gray42 Uhhhh…

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2021.09.24 16:38 mantiseye Salazzle + Groudon: BFFs (or: Salazzle Team to Master Ball!)

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